Paranormal Historical Romance

A dark paranormal historical romance Gypsy vs Vampire Marishka gave a small frown at Alliana’s refusal to be baited. Her eyes narrowed, determined to get the best of Mikhal’s new toy. “You’ll have to tell me all about your fascinating life before you came to us, Alliana. Is it true your kind steals for a living and sells their children?” Anger flared in Alliana’s eyes as rage filled her. How dare this … thing… disparage the very people that had been torn from her only hours before hand? “Is it true your kind eats children!” Marishka looked at her and began to laugh, clapping her hands in delight, not at all perturbed by Alliana harsh comment. She closed her eyes blissfully, and tilted her head back, slowly moving it from side to side, seeing something no one else in the room saw. “Well of course, you silly chit. They are […]

Great Reviews for the Connely Witches

Over 500 years ago their ancestors pledged to protect mankind from the evils that walk among us. The Connelly family still abides by that oath, regardless of the cost. Read all the reviews here. by Jessica   This review is from: The Connelly Witches Series…Shattered Images and A Past Undone (Kindle Edition) Great story !! Well wrote and sucks you right in.. Love how it transitions from book one to book two would love to read the third novel with Isabelle by Bonnie We start off meeting Rachel-witch who has denied her powers to please her husband who is non-magical. Rachel is married to Michael and they have a pre-school daughter. They share a home with Rachel’s sister Raven and her partner Alex as well as Loisa. Rachel is very unhappy and her unhappiness invites in a powerful evil by the name of Syrull who feeds off of the misery of […]

Lead Characters of Beneath the Shadows of Evil

To make a new fan page called Lucian’s Lair more exciting, I found photos which portray how the lead character in my Beneath the Shadows of Evil look like in my head. As you can see, a very vital character is missing. Mikhal Arcos, lead evil vampire himself cannot be found. We are going to run a contest between now and January 12th. Post pictures of who you feel makes a sexy and brooding Mikhal Arcos. Remember, no sunlight. So post those pictures here on the new Lucian’s Lair fan page on Facebook and I will choose who I think best represents my character Mikhal. The winner will receive an authorgraphed ebook set of the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy, Take, Torn, and Treasured

Double the Thrills

All this talk of delicious spanking the last few days has pushed the paranormal thrillers to the side. Now it’s time to remind everyone that I actually write books that aren’t kinky too!  I’ve designed a new cover for the double Connelly Witch Series with the help of dandellion Kimban, who is the illustrator. Same great read of two books in one, with, a whole new design to catch the eye. So if you enjoy vampires, witches, demons, and magic, step into my mystical world.       The Connelly Witch Series Five centuries ago, Master Vampire Mikhal Arcos kidnapped a mystical Gypsy girl named Alliana in Beneath the Shadows of Evil. Their legacy now  lives on with the Connelly witches. They are a family whose ancestors were given a great gift of magic, but it came with one condition. They were entrusted to protect mankind from the demons who walk among them. […]

Don’t Forget a Gift For Yourself

Now It’s Time For You Now that they’ve opened all their presents, it’s time for you to have one too. Give yourself a gift that will take you far away from all the stress and let you put those annoying relatives out of your mind. Find your escape with a novel by Jolynn Raymond All books available for instant download onto Kindle or PC and in paperback Kinky Historical Romance Lessons of Love Elizabeth’s Destiny Paranormal Historical Romance The Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy Taken Torn Treasured Paranormal Romance Shattered Images A Past Undone Set of both Connely Witches books BDSM Short Story Collections Sweet Agony Dark Obsessions Kinky Novella Dining In Non Fiction BDSM DD and Relationship Book Taken In Hand

The Arcos/Connelly Family Tree

Two of my paranormal romance book series are connected through family bloodlines. While the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Series has one book built upon another, the Connelly Witch Series doesn’t require the reader to read one book before the next. Neither series is dependent upon the other either, but for those who have not read Beneath the Shadows of Evil and haven’t met the character who lived long ago, I have detailed the family’s lineage. The magic that began with a wild Gypsy and her husband’s demented sister still flows through the veins of those who have come after them. The blood ties are strong, and the new family’s oath to protect mankind is even stronger. If your interest is piqued and you decide to look into the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Series, then I would advise avoiding the family tree because it contains spoilers.   Connelly and Arcos […]

Pssst… want a Great Gift Idea?

If you’re searching for a good book for a gift or to have for yourself when the whole holiday thing gets overwhelming, why not try a suspenseful paranormal romance? Shattered Images and A Past Undone have been put together to double your reading enjoyment. The books introduce the Connelly witches who are a family bound by a vow their ancestors made, to hunt down and destroy the evil that walks among us. Take a journey with them through time and dimensions as they fight demons and dark magic. It’s a wild ride, so strap yourself in and be ready for a heart pounding read. Shattered Images and A Past Undone… The Connelly Witches by Jolynn Raymond

Two Day Count Down Sale

Travel back to the very beginning Beginning Monday November 11th at 9:00, Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book One will be on sale for only .99 cents! But don’t wait long, Tuesday, November 12th the price goes up to $1.99, and by Wednesday Taken will be back to its full price of $3.95 Hurry before this sale ends Purchase Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil, here Taken is a dark love story set in the 1500’s of Hungary. It’s one that begins with terror and cruelty. Mikhal the Merciless is pure evil, a dark anti-hero who will fill you with loathing long before he catches your heart. The road to love for Alliana and Mikhal is a rocky one; and any roses that bloom, also pierce with thorns. You may well be wishing for Mikhal’s demise before you cheer them on to love, but you will cheer them on […]

That’s Amazing! Now You’ll Get One more Free Day

A Huge Thank You! The Connelly Witches Set is #4 on the Amazon Paranormal Occult Top 100 chart. Thant’s amazing! This was set for one more day. Can we hit #1 The two book set of A Past Undone and Shattered images are still through Monday free. Turn off your Monday blahs with a fast pace paranormal thriller   Click  here to down load the combined set from Amazon and start reading Shattered images right now You do not need to have read my Beneath the Shadows books to understand the storyline. There is also a family tree provided. Over five hundred years ago, Master Vampire Mikhal Arcos kidnapped a mystical Gypsy girl named Alliana. His intent was simple. He would use magic to make her bear him a son who would rule the world with him for eternity. He had every intention of discarding Alliana after his son was born, but […]