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I Need Help For a Reader 1 comment

I Need Help For a Reader I received a message from a woman in the Middle East who is a closeted lesbian as well as a submissive. Her wish is to be able to find blogs or websites that are written/created by a woman who is in a female/female Domestic Discipline relationship. It is her desire to some day be in a DD relationship, but for now she must be content just reading about other female/female Domestic Discipline couples. The amount of information and websites are filtered where she lives, with much being banned and unable to be viewed, but blogs are more apt to get through the filter. My request to my readers, if you know a blog that features a lesbian couple in a Domestic Discipline relationship please put the link in the comment section under this post. Beauty and I are the only female/female couple we know […]

Saturday’s post from the Mailbag – I want my boyfriend to be dominant. 3 comments

Saturday’s post from the Mailbag – I want my boyfriend to be dominant. Today’s post comes from my ‘Ask Jolynn’ page. My boyfriend is a dominant but he has not discovered himself yet, I can feel his energy when he looks at me and even when we are in bed. I want to help him discover his dominant side but rather than talking about it (which he may not believe) I want him to realize himself… what should i do? As some of you know, my first answer to most of the questions that come my way it to communicate. I realize the poster does not wish to talk to her boyfriend about what she wants, but I still say communication is vital. There are many people with a type A personality who aren’t dominant. One can be a take charge kind of person. The one who leads, the one […]


This came from Sean in the mailbag. I’m quite perplexed about part of it, and shake my head about the other. The reason I posted it is not to ridicule, but to perhaps help others understand why this type of thing is impossible to answer. So, Sean writes, please give me a name for my female slave she is smooth Sean, I do not know your slave and have no idea what you mean by she is smooth. I am disturbed because if you are a person who is capable and responsible enough to own a slave, then you should be able to judge for yourself what her slave name should be. You are taking on or have taken on a huge undertaking, and your seeming lack of ability to even name her makes me wonder if you are ill prepared in other areas of slave ownership as well. She […]

From the Mail Bag – Finding a Dominant 2 comments

Dear Jolynn, BDSM was my first introduction to porn- I think I was 12 or 13 when I found a ‘dungeon’ website- for a while I think I thought all kinds of sex looked like that, and BDSM was pretty much what I envisioned as a norm. As time passed, I think I ‘conditioned’ myself to increasingly rougher porn- I’m 18 now and I literally cannot get myself off on anything other than very rough sex or bondage. I cannot envision myself in a relationship without BDSM (be it the TPE variety or in small doses) And it is this exact problem that has prevented me from getting into a long-term relationships. I know I’m only 18, and that I shouldn’t dismiss partners just because there’s a possibility they’re not into the stuff I’m into, but I don’t know how to tell if people are interested in BDSM, and I […]

A Question From the Mailbag on Enjoying Pain

I received a question from the mailbag and it’s a good one. Those who are not kinky, find it difficult to understand those of us who are. My husband and l are in continues pain so how is getting pain from someone whipping and spanking you so exotic, or even sexual. I know what it feels like and it does not turn me on at all.              maryann There are people who are masochistic. That means they enjoy pain, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy all pain. During BDSM play, there are endorphins released in the brain in response to the sensation being felt. The brain is reacting to the painful stimulus, and releases this chemical that produces a floaty feeling or adrenaline and gives a rush. When engaged in play, the person who is on the receiving end often experiences something we refer to as subspace. This comes […]

A Question From Ask Jolynn 2 comments

This came from yesterday’s mailbag   So as apart of my punishment my Dom wants me to post and figure out what my punishment for breaking the rules should be so if you could help me fulfill this assignment it would be very helpful. I was granted permission to visit family on my own out of town and missed four check ins and mouthed off while I was there and was disrespectful to my Dom and when I got back I received my punishment but even then so I wasn’t thinking and took my collar off without asking first, and I was to turn in a assignment when I got back of all the things I had done while I was gone that I needed to be punished for and I didn’t so now my Dom wants me to decide my punishments and I am to ask for help on what it should be and I can’t […]

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From The Mailbag I received the following question from Chris, and thought it would make a good topic for my Saturday post. hi my name is chris, my gf likes pain and the whole bdsm concept, but im not sure on how to go about fulfilling that fantasy of hers. do u have any inexpensive (or slightly more expensive) tricks to spice things up in the bedroom? The first thing that is of importance is whether she finds the pain AND the power exchange appealing or if she just finds getting spanked delicious. Your approach to fulfilling her fantasy depends on what she finds fantasy worthy. As always, I advise that communicating is what should happen first. Find out if she likes the idea of you being the disciplinarian. The stern figure who will punish her because she really needs it and craves the control, or if she likes funishment spankings or […]