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Off To a Kinky Convention

Beauty and I are off to a lovely kink/fetish convention so my post An Anal Sex Tutorial and my answer to the submissive wanting help with her punishment will have to be considered the weekly posting of BDSM topics. We have a busy schedule of kinky classes, I want to learn fire play among other things, and three full nights of huge dungeon play. These events are very fun. You get to really be yourself with other kinky people for a few days, but they are also tiring. I will post if time permits. We are taking the small computer, but I won’t make any promises. When we come home I will post about our adventures. We have to finish packing. It super hard to fit dungeon toys, fetish outfits including shoes, regular clothes, aftercare supplies, and so on into two suitcases! Have a good two weeks my lovely readers, […]

A Question From Ask Jolynn 2 comments

This came from yesterday’s mailbag   So as apart of my punishment my Dom wants me to post and figure out what my punishment for breaking the rules should be so if you could help me fulfill this assignment it would be very helpful. I was granted permission to visit family on my own out of town and missed four check ins and mouthed off while I was there and was disrespectful to my Dom and when I got back I received my punishment but even then so I wasn’t thinking and took my collar off without asking first, and I was to turn in a assignment when I got back of all the things I had done while I was gone that I needed to be punished for and I didn’t so now my Dom wants me to decide my punishments and I am to ask for help on what it should be and I can’t […]