This came from Sean in the mailbag. I’m quite perplexed about part of it, and shake my head about the other. The reason I posted it is not to ridicule, but to perhaps help others understand why this type of thing is impossible to answer.

So, Sean writes,

please give me a name for my female slave
she is smooth

Sean, I do not know your slave and have no idea what you mean by she is smooth. I am disturbed because if you are a person who is capable and responsible enough to own a slave, then you should be able to judge for yourself what her slave name should be. You are taking on or have taken on a huge undertaking, and your seeming lack of ability to even name her makes me wonder if you are ill prepared in other areas of slave ownership as well. She may be there to serve you, but then you must care for her.

I would hope that you know her well enough to think of something that would be appropriate for her based on her personality. I personally only use the given names of my submissives. That is by preference, and I do indeed know them well enough to give them other names based on their traits, but think their given name works the best. That’s just my way, your opinion may vary. Regardless, I could never name a woman I have never met.

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