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From The Mailbag 2 comments

From The Mailbag I received the following question from Chris, and thought it would make a good topic for my Saturday post. hi my name is chris, my gf likes pain and the whole bdsm concept, but im not sure on how to go about fulfilling that fantasy of hers. do u have any inexpensive (or slightly more expensive) tricks to spice things up in the bedroom? The first thing that is of importance is whether she finds the pain AND the power exchange appealing or if she just finds getting spanked delicious. Your approach to fulfilling her fantasy depends on what she finds fantasy worthy. As always, I advise that communicating is what should happen first. Find out if she likes the idea of you being the disciplinarian. The stern figure who will punish her because she really needs it and craves the control, or if she likes funishment spankings or […]