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A  is of course for Anal. I don’t think any of you thought I would do anything else!

She lay across his lap bottom tilted up hands dutifully clasp behind her back, legs spread wide as expected, but he knew she was still full of resentment over his decision to punish her. Even after he’d spanked her bottom to a fiery red, her body remained stiff with defiance.

“I will tell you once more to speak of the crime you are being punished for Abigail. If you continue to remain silent, I will find another way to turn your attention to your misdeed. Why are you being spanked?”

His question received no reply. Abigail was stubbornly refusing to admit that her decision to drive home after consuming a large glass of wine the night before had been a dangerous one. Wine went straight to her head, and they both knew it, but still she had driven home after her dinner out with friends. The fact that she’d promised not to drink added to his ire. He simply couldn’t tolerate her breech of promise to him.

“Very well, I’ve had enough. Perhaps your haughty attitude will disappear when you are grunting like an animal because of the plug in your ass.”

“No!” Abigail twisted her body, trying to look at him, but Charles held her tight, one arm around her waist and a restraining hand pressing down upon her back. She hated when he put things in her bottom. It was lewd and disgusting, and it flooded her with humiliation when she came from the horrid sensation.

“Oh yes.” He lift her up, off his lap and gave her a swat on her red bum, then turned her towards the corner. “Off you go, my bad girl.” Abigail tried to turn, her mouth open ready to plead with him, but Charles wouldn’t have it.

“You had your chance to speak Abigail, and you failed to take it. You will receive one orgasm for drinking the wine when you promised not to, one for driving, and one for allowing your friends to persuade you despite your promise. I make the decisions in this relationship, and I’ll not have you defy me because your friends don’t understand that my word is law. Now go.”

Abigail went to the corner and leaned forward so her nose touched the wall, hands clasped behind her back, damning herself for adding one mistake to another the night before. She knew he was right. Even one of the one big glasses of wine had made her tipsy, and she had allowed her friends to talk her into her defiance by teasing her about being a dutiful wife who lived under the control of her husband.

Now Charles was going to strap her to the spanking bench, put the long and thick vibrating plug deep in her bottom, and make her lose all shreds of decency by turning it on high so she came, bucking and grunting like some animal in heat. She absolutely hated the nasty and vile act, but was unable to stop her body from convulsing or silence the guttural noises she made each time she came. Charles had told her it was because deep down inside she was a dirty anal whore, and she knew he was right.

After only a couple of minutes he called to her, and Abigail obeyed at once, not wanting to add to her humiliation. She walked to him, eyes downcast and climbed onto the padded bench, reaching forward so her hands were next to the restraints, and spreading her legs to fit around the pieces of wood that held her knees wide. Without a word Charles secured her hand and foot, and then moved straight to her bottom, and proceeded to tease and probe her puckered hole with well-oiled fingers, slipping one in her bottom, stroking the inside walls of her anus, until a moan escaped her lips.

“That’s right Abigail. It feels so good doesn’t it?” His question didn’t receive a reply. Charles made tsking noises at her and Abigail quickly said yes, but it was too late.

“Failing to respond to a direct question adds one more. I think you’ll be limp as a rag doll from all your cumming before we get back to your spanking.”

Once again, Abigail damned herself for her stupid actions the night before and for agreeing that anything anal was among the long list of things Charles was allowed to do to her when she needed punishment. When she’d given consent, she had supposed it would be a nasty dirty thing that would be somewhat painful, but instead it was a nasty dirty thing that made her lose all control.

His finger slid inside again, then two, well lubed and slick, and she felt her body relaxing despite her disgust. When he’d elicited more moans, and then a guttural grunt of pleasure, he stopped, proclaiming her ready, and then began to push the vibrating butt plug into her greased up bottom hole.

The pain of the thick thing came and went as the bulbous tip pushed past her sphincter and continued deep and then deeper still inside her. When she felt as if her very core was being pierced in a very good way, and the slightly larger bulge at the end was inside her tight passage before the plug narrowed so it would stay put, Abigail moaned again despite her mind’s objection, he turned on the vibration and gave her a light smack on her ass.

“That’s a girl. You’re filled up good and proper.” Charles came into her vision as he sat down in the chair immediately in front of the bench, then winked at her as his gaze met hers. She knew better than to close her eyes or look away. This was part of the punishment. She had to keep looking at him until he declared her done.

“Now then, where were we?” She stared at him as required but some stubborn bit of left over pride kept her quiet. “Still no words Abigail? We can’t have that.” He wiped his hands clean and fished the vibrating plug’s remote control from his pocket and turn it up to high. Her hips jerked as the buzzing vibrated through her anal walls, shooting waves of pleasure along every nerve ending. She made a grunting noise that made her face flush red and her eyes became glassy, but she held his stare he asked her again.

“Where were we Abigail?”

“The wine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Charles please, not this please.”

He was in no mood to listen to her pleas. She’d earned this by her deeds and by her refusal to admit to her wrongs. Their relationship had no room for foolish pride. It was pride that had made her agree to drink the wine just as it was pride that had kept her from admitting she’d made a mistake by driving and ignoring his command to stick to seltzer water.

“What about the wine Abigail?” She closed her eyes as the first powerful wave of her anal orgasm began to rip through her. “Look at me.” His words were hard and left no room for defiance. Her eyes opened and held his gaze even as her mouth opened to release the first of the primal and animalistic sounds.

Her body began to convulse as she came, hips gyrating, hands fisting as pleasure overtook her. Charles gripped a handful of her hair in one fist, making sure her head stayed in place so he could witness her shame, urging her on in a quiet voice, telling her she was his dirty girl for liking it up the ass. His dark eyes bored into hers as she shook, grunted, and jerked against her bonds, until the intensity of her orgasm began to subside, and then when she was still but spent and out of breath he asked her again.

“What about the wine Abigail?” She shook her head and stayed silent even as she was damning herself for her foolish pride.

“Very well. I’m going to make you cum like a dirty whore until the last shred of willful stubbornness is gone, and then we will get back to your spanking.” That said, Charles turn the vibrating anal plug on high once more and stared down at his wife as her face contorted with a mix of disgust and pleasure and another loud grunt filled the air.

*** Please take note of the fact that anal punishment was among the list of  things she had previously consented to for discipline. Do not use anal punishment without consent.***

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16 thoughts on “A is for Anal Punishment #Consensual #SpankA2Z

  • Jolynn Raymond

    I’ve heard many things but never that it was to be a bedtime story for a husband. LMAO. Thanks ever so much. It’s due out in July as part of a story in a book of anal erotica called Primal Cravings. I’m very happy you enjoyed it so much and hope hubby reacts as planned.

  • Megan Michaels

    OMG are you effing kidding??!! That was so damn HOT. Please tell me that I can buy this…like NOW!! If not, you better say that it is coming out soon. I just told my husband that was the hottest thing I have read in ages–it is going to be his bedtime story tonight. LOL Wow!!

      • authortrentevans

        I meant to follow up with you on this, and spaced it. So is Primal Cravings a new series you’re going to be doing? Is it just your stuff, or are you part of a larger group of other authors writing in this series?

        I’m a big fan of your work (obviously), so I’m pretty stoked to hear you’ve got more coming soon.

        • JolynnRaymond Post author

          It’s not a series. It began with the intention of it being a collection of semi short stories that revolve around anal play, but the first story is much longer than anticipated so I think only two stories will be in it. It’s just my stuff. My only series is my paranormal historical romance Beneath the shadows of Evil. That sprang from necessity. It was originally 455,000 thousand words so I was forced to break the story into three parts. I’m writing two books at once right now and it kind of has me being pulled in different directions so getting them finished is taking a little longer but they will come out this summer. The spanking A-z stuff takes a lot of time too. Thanks for the comments and compliment Trent.

    • Jolynn Raymond

      Thank you. He gets a bit of twisted pleasure from watching how much she enjoys it. Perhaps if she’d just face the fact that anal feels good it wouldn’t be a punishment anymore.

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