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J is for Juicer

This wonderful little toy may have a different name, but was dubbed the juicer by me a long time ago. It’s made of glass and the end that goes deep inside your partner is shaped like an old fashioned juicer used to extract juice from the half of an orange. The tip is rounded, but it does have the grooves, and the shaft has small bumps to tickle the insides. The best part of all is the crank on the other end. When lubed up and slid into a tight little anus, one is able to spin it inside them to create a sensation unlike any other. The combination of the glass and the lube eliminate friction and instead make this handy little toy glide over the sensitive inner tissue with ease while the nubs and the head rub all the extra sensitive places. I like to turn it slowly one way and then reverse for a few cranks and then increase the turns back and forth until finally spinning it quickly as my partner begins to have an anal orgasm unlike any they have felt before.

My number one favorite toy hands down for anal play!

You too can have your very own Juicer! We’ve found that Extreme Restraints sells them, and here is the link for your very own Juicer. They call it the Nubbed Rotator on Extreme Restraints, and it’s from Prisms Erotic Glass.  The vendor calls it Lila. Also on Amazon for about the same price. {Jolynn loves this toy and we aren’t affiliated with anyone.}

From the vendor page:

LILA is an engaging sight indeed! With its small handle, the piece can be turned while inside, ‘Pleasure buds’ along the shaft for enhanced stimulation and a specifically contoured tip that will send you into a carnal frenzy…especially while the piece is being rotated inside!
A luxurious pleasure object with sleek and direct lines that lend to erotic stimulation, Allowing LILA to zero in on euphoric ecstasy! Amplify your sex play… serve LILA warmed or chilled!

LILA makes a wonderful display piece. Uniquely handcrafted, this glass creation resembles an exclusive piece of art!

From the vendor page:

Each of the Prisms sex toys are handmade, they are all made one at a time and can’t be mass produced in a mold. What this means to you is that the size, shape or colors may vary from those that you see pictured on this site but the good news is that they are as close as humanly possible to the items pictured but each one is still unique! No two are alike, but they are all beautiful. Like a piece of art, each glass sex toy that we offer is a genuine one of a kind creation.

You can read about the Juicer in Sweet Agony. The story is called Decisions with James and Beth. 

Sweet Agony: A Collection of BDSM Erotica

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14 thoughts on “J is for The Juicer #AnalSex

  • annapurna1951


    I just love pretty swirls, especially when they decorate an object that has more than one function. I’m sorry if that sounds a tad shallow; I come by it quite naturally, you know.

    I love your granddaughter’s other grandma. What a fun lady she must be. I wonder if she has a PowerPoint slide lecture to go with her collection–just curious. I love to learn about new things that involve the anatomy.

  • Jolynn Raymond

    Extreme Restraints will ship overseas for 15.00. I personally think the juicer aka their nubbed rotator is worth it. Thanks for the support concerning the other posts. Nice to know you think I’m cool 🙂

  • Natasha Knight

    I am finally getting here to read this – but first I got caught on your post about anal. Sorry you were given a hard time – I think you’re cool if it makes any difference! 🙂 Ok, juicer. Netherlands link??? I’m googling… sometimes I send things to my mom in the states and she sends them to me but I’m thinking this is not one of those items…

    • Jolynn Raymond

      LOL our granddaughters other grandma has a collection that she has on the mantle. Dildos and glass plugs that have pretty swirls of color. She is kinky as well and works at the local LGBT center.

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      It’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it. I must say I wonder who first thought “Hey, that would feel good in someone’s ass.” It’s really a wonderful toy. Thanks for your comment.

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      The only punishment one could possibly have with that particular toy is if my partner was told she had to keep herself from having an orgasm for any length of time. Thanks for stopping by.

  • spankfunfor

    Until I read your book “Sweet Agony, a Collection of BDSM Erotica”, I’d never known of the ‘Juicer’. Your description of it’s use in Beth’s ass was exquisite! I’m trying to find a place to get one! Your writing is GREAT!

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      It’s wonderful. Really it is. I think that using glass/Pyrex along with lube is a fabulous combination. The glass stays slick much longer than regular dildos or cocks. Beauty is going to put up a link where it can be bought.