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Cover for New Anal Sex Erotica 5 comments

              Primal Cravings: A Collection of Anal Erotica by Jolynn Raymond I have a new book, Primal Cravings, due out this summer that is a collection of anal sex erotica. I have played around with various covers and have come up with the two here as my favorites. I’d like my readers opinions. I have never had covers that were in your face sex, and wish to keep it that way but part of me likes the red better than the blue because red brings to mind heat, and this book will be very hot. We’re talking anal sex here and well that brings to mind something that is nasty, steamy, and dirty all rolled up into yum. Do you think her ass is well enough covered for Amazon? Do you think the red is better? Is the cover too dark for a thumbnail? Which one […]