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J is for The Juicer #AnalSex 14 comments

J is for Juicer This wonderful little toy may have a different name, but was dubbed the juicer by me a long time ago. It’s made of glass and the end that goes deep inside your partner is shaped like an old fashioned juicer used to extract juice from the half of an orange. The tip is rounded, but it does have the grooves, and the shaft has small bumps to tickle the insides. The best part of all is the crank on the other end. When lubed up and slid into a tight little anus, one is able to spin it inside them to create a sensation unlike any other. The combination of the glass and the lube eliminate friction and instead make this handy little toy glide over the sensitive inner tissue with ease while the nubs and the head rub all the extra sensitive places. I like […]