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Join Us For Summer Spanks – Sept. 5-7, 2014

Summer Spanks Blog Hop: Last Flings or Lessons Learned September 5-7 2014 Brought to you by Spanking Romance Reviews & The Saturday Spankings Blog! Open to everyone in the spanking community! It’s the end of summer which means, either last chance for a summer fling, or back to school. Each participating blog will create a post based on the summer or back to school spanking theme. This can include a short story, poem, graphics/artwork, or any other creative avenue that you specialize in. Tell us a funny story, share an experience, it can be anything you dream of as long as it’s good clean spanking fun! No explicit nudity please. Bare bottoms are, of course, welcome! We have some wonderful Grand Prizes & more rolling in every day! Kindle or Nook from Blushing Books $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon from Stormy Night Publications $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon  from Baronet Press One month membership to Pandora […]

Donut Hole Breakfast Skewers #Yum 2 comments

                                 Donut Hole Breakfast Skewers {From ValSoCal}                     Donut holes ( I used entenmanns )                     strawberries                     blackberries                     skewers                     salted caramel sauce ( Trader Joes )                     chocolate sauce                     coconut Or if you want to get real fancy, you can make Nutella Donut Holes. Just replace the raspberry jam with Nutella. You can always cheat and get fresh donut holes from a bakery near you and just fill them […]

Playing Doctor in the Supply Closet: Yes, Doctor by Darling Adams 2 comments

 Yes, Doctor Blurb: When Dr. Darren Drake catches his Certified Nurse Assistant smoking behind the clinic and gushing on the phone about him, he decides she requires punishment: an embarrassing examination including anal play. Playing around with an employee opens him up for sexual harassment charges or getting kicked out of his practice, but when Chloe asks for more, he just can’t resist.  Despite working in an OB/Gyn clinic, Chloe hates doctors. Their know-it-all God-playing rubs her the wrong way—until the man she refers to as Dr. Dreamy shows her giving up control might fulfill fantasies of submission she never knew she had. He seems to enjoy torturing her in the most delicious ways, but he also reduces her to stammers and blushes, which makes it hard to get to know one another. Can he use his dominance to remove all semblance of control, leaving her with no option but […]

Disney quotes that probably shouldn’t turn me on…but do. #Erotic 5 comments

Photo credited to Timothy Wells Photography Disney quotes that probably shouldn’t turn me on…but do. Erotica by melbelle   “When Andy plays with you, it’s like, even though you’re not moving, you feel like you’re alive.” – Toy Story 2 “Everybody else be as gross as possible. Think dirty thoughts. We’re gonna make this tank so filthy…” – Finding Nemo “You can bet before were through, Mister, I’ll make a man out of you.” – Mulan “Oh, come, come, come, come now. You’re as wet as you can get!” – The Sword in the Stone “I’ll take you over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride.” – Aladdin “I need somebody who can … Handle him as a man.” – Hercules “Slip into silent slumber. Sail on a silver mist. Slowly but surely, your senses will cease to resist. Trust in me. Just in me. Shut your eyes, and […]

Top Ten Things To Know About Kink #BDSM 4 comments

Top Ten Things to Know About Kink If you are of the type who doesn’t want to read up about being kinky, go to classes and events so you can learn hands on, or connect with other kinky people so you can learn kink etiquette, then I frown at you. Learning is VERY important, but I digress. If you take time for nothing else, remember my top ten things all people who are interested in kink and BDSM should know. Any kink or BDSM play is okay as long as everyone consents. You must have full consent by everyone involved. Consent cannot be given by children, animals, and random people in the community who happen upon your public scene. If it involves anyone in that last sentence then your kink is NOT okay. Hurting people who want to be hurt is okay. Tying people up who want to be tied […]

Creating A BDSM Scene #Kinky 7 comments

Creating a BDSM Scene The author of the post cannot be held liable for the actions of any readers. BDSM play can be dangerous if safety precautions are not adhered to and those participating have not learned how to use the items listed, or how to do the actions discussed before trying them. Proceed at your own risk. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST GIVE FULL CONSENT WITHOUT COERCION! Both those who are new to kink and those who have been playing for some time may struggle with creativity at times. When you are a top or dominant in a BDSM play scene, you want what you do to run smoothly and to guide your bottom/submissive to that all wonderful and exalted place called subspace. No matter what you do, that might not happen, but if you orchestrate things in your mind first, and prepare things properly, there is a better chance of […]

Elust #61 is Here! #SexBloggers

Photo Courtesy of Maria Opens Up Welcome to Elust #61 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #62? Start with the rules, come back September1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ Bloggers, please I Touch Myself Stunt Porn / People Porn ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ Is sex unsexy? A ‘His & Hers’ post Van Gogh, an erotic author and a selfie…   ~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~ *You really should consider adding your popular posts here too* His Desires All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. […]

Just Give Us Ten! #KindleUnlimited 3 comments

Kindle Unlimited If you are someone who sells their books, reads books, likes to buy online from Amazon, or pretty much makes it a habit of having some interaction with, then you are probably aware of their new marketing idea called Kindle Unlimited. In our home we have pretty much gotten on the Amazon Prime train. We buy online a lot, so get free shipping, watch movies and TV shows for free, and can borrow ebooks. I also sell all my books exclusively through their website. It has been a pretty good train ride. The train has both brought income into our home, and saved us money on things. Now the train has switched tracks and is hooking up with Kindle Unlimited, and I am not sure I like this train. There has been some bad press about Amazon and their squabbles with other publishers, and questions galore about […]