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Just Give Us Ten! #KindleUnlimited 3 comments

Kindle Unlimited If you are someone who sells their books, reads books, likes to buy online from Amazon, or pretty much makes it a habit of having some interaction with Amazon.com, then you are probably aware of their new marketing idea called Kindle Unlimited. In our home we have pretty much gotten on the Amazon Prime train. We buy online a lot, so get free shipping, watch movies and TV shows for free, and can borrow ebooks. I also sell all my books exclusively through their website. It has been a pretty good train ride. The train has both brought income into our home, and saved us money on things. Now the train has switched tracks and is hooking up with Kindle Unlimited, and I am not sure I like this train. There has been some bad press about Amazon and their squabbles with other publishers, and questions galore about […]