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Top Ten Things To Know About Kink #BDSM 4 comments

Top Ten Things to Know About Kink If you are of the type who doesn’t want to read up about being kinky, go to classes and events so you can learn hands on, or connect with other kinky people so you can learn kink etiquette, then I frown at you. Learning is VERY important, but I digress. If you take time for nothing else, remember my top ten things all people who are interested in kink and BDSM should know. Any kink or BDSM play is okay as long as everyone consents. You must have full consent by everyone involved. Consent cannot be given by children, animals, and random people in the community who happen upon your public scene. If it involves anyone in that last sentence then your kink is NOT okay. Hurting people who want to be hurt is okay. Tying people up who want to be tied […]