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Creating A BDSM Scene #Kinky 7 comments

Creating a BDSM Scene The author of the post cannot be held liable for the actions of any readers. BDSM play can be dangerous if safety precautions are not adhered to and those participating have not learned how to use the items listed, or how to do the actions discussed before trying them. Proceed at your own risk. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST GIVE FULL CONSENT WITHOUT COERCION! Both those who are new to kink and those who have been playing for some time may struggle with creativity at times. When you are a top or dominant in a BDSM play scene, you want what you do to run smoothly and to guide your bottom/submissive to that all wonderful and exalted place called subspace. No matter what you do, that might not happen, but if you orchestrate things in your mind first, and prepare things properly, there is a better chance of […]