Great Reviews for the Connely Witches

Over 500 years ago their ancestors pledged to protect

mankind from the evils that walk among us.

The Connelly family still abides by that oath, regardless of the cost.


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by Jessica  
This review is from: The Connelly Witches Series…Shattered Images and A Past Undone (Kindle Edition)
Great story !! Well wrote and sucks you right in.. Love how it transitions from book one to book two would love to read the third novel with Isabelle
by Bonnie
We start off meeting Rachel-witch who has denied her powers to please her husband who is non-magical. Rachel is married to Michael and they have a pre-school daughter. They share a home with Rachel’s sister Raven and her partner Alex as well as Loisa. Rachel is very unhappy and her unhappiness invites in a powerful evil by the name of Syrull who feeds off of the misery of others. Jolynn takes us on the journey of Rachel’s rediscovery of her powers, learning the powers of her child and how her non-magical husband can also help this family. It was an excellent read, however I should make it clear that there is minimal romance involved. I did feel at times that my head was going to explode trying to recall details from the beginning of the book and how people fit together. By the end of the book though, it all made sense and I am glad that I persisted in reading the novel. If you like evil, magic, surprise endings, this is an excellent read. I would recommend all in one sitting though so that all the amazing details of history make sense. I would give this book 4 fangs-because of the hopping I had to do- I am off to the next in the series—and isn’t that the goal?
Book 2.
Jolynn did an amazing job in this book. I fell into the story easily and could not put it down. It had great elements of romance (and the chase) built in. Meet Raven, a Connelly Witch who has just fell through a time warp and is trapped in the life of another girl with the same name in a very different era. Her life in that ERA is somewhat of a mirror of her life in 2013, however she does not know who she is or remember 2013-save for the face of her sister Rachel. Rachel and the rest of the family have to figure out how to bring her back without disrupting time and changing the lives of other’s in the process. It was such a great story, I am looking forward to reading more. 5 fangs.
by mindy123
These two books are well written and fast paced. The author wrote these so vividly I felt like I was right there watching everything going on. It almost felt like I was watching a movie in my mind and those are the books I really enjoy. Definitely worth the time to read.
by Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock
These Books are Amazing! Love this spin off from the Series “Beneath the Shadows of Evil” which was another awesome read. If you would really like to be into this Series and it all make perfect sense recommend reading the “Beneath the Shadows first” Author Jolynn Raymond has blown me away.  You are going to Love reading this Author. The Connelly Witches go back to Hungary in the 1500’s and bring you into the present. With a flip time warp, Love hate relationships Hot Vampires & Witches its all here! I’m looking forward to reading the next book. I stumbled upon Jolynn Raymond some months ago, so glad I found these books that have satisfied me. Paranormal at its best!! Don’t take my word for it read these books amazing!!
By Holly
Loved that Jolynn gives the reader some background and heritage at the beginning.
Shattered Images
Ever read a book that you know and understand how the main character feels. Jolynn creates characters that we can all relate to. Ones that have have demanding families, ones that need some space and time for themselves. Ones that love their family and will do anything for they to keep them safe from harm. The only difference in that the Connelly’s are magical.
When Rachel is feeling taken advantages finally blows and insists on some space to herself, she has unknowly made herself an easy target to a high level demon. The demon kidnaps her demaning her powers and threatens her daughter.
When the family discovers her missing they all need to overcome their guilt, shame and fear to work together to find Rachel.
Rachel also must overcome her terror and fear to rediscover her strength and magic to defeat the demon.
In this story of suspense and magic lies an undertone of discovery strength, love and family. And when a family works together to understand each other strengths they become stronger when they use those strengths to fight together.
I was captured by the first chapter to the last by the emotions of the characters and their struggles. Magic is only a small part in this beautifully told story.

A Past Undone
I enjoyed Shattered Images but I think A Past Undone is the favorite one so far.
This book has Raven unintentionally thrown into the past into another Raven Connelly’s life without her memories. Confused and unsure nothing is familiar the family, the house, her nurse maid. The only person that sparks any recognition is the Horse Trainer and he looks at her with contempt. Raven has no idea on how dangerous this man is to her and how much a role in the her future he plays.
Mean while her family in the present work together to set up a plan to bring Raven home and not change the history of the past.
Rachel, Alex and Isabelle travel back in time to bring Raven home.
There are challenges of time travel, dangers of being discovered and the danger of a demon intend on killing the Connelly girls of the past.
Once again the story is so much more then magic, Jolynn’s use of the characters emotions brings the reader right into the story. The strength of love between Raven and Alex, the strength of the family, the love of the family are what make this story work to capture the readers heart.
Looking forward to reading more of Jolynn Raymond’s book.

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