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Paranormal Historical Romance

A dark paranormal historical romance Gypsy vs Vampire Marishka gave a small frown at Alliana’s refusal to be baited. Her eyes narrowed, determined to get the best of Mikhal’s new toy. “You’ll have to tell me all about your fascinating life before you came to us, Alliana. Is it true your kind steals for a living and sells their children?” Anger flared in Alliana’s eyes as rage filled her. How dare this … thing… disparage the very people that had been torn from her only hours before hand? “Is it true your kind eats children!” Marishka looked at her and began to laugh, clapping her hands in delight, not at all perturbed by Alliana harsh comment. She closed her eyes blissfully, and tilted her head back, slowly moving it from side to side, seeing something no one else in the room saw. “Well of course, you silly chit. They are […]