The Arcos/Connelly Family Tree

Two of my paranormal romance book series are connected through family bloodlines. While the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Series has one book built upon another, the Connelly Witch Series doesn’t require the reader to read one book before the next. Neither series is dependent upon the other either, but for those who have not read Beneath the Shadows of Evil and haven’t met the character who lived long ago, I have detailed the family’s lineage. The magic that began with a wild Gypsy and her husband’s demented sister still flows through the veins of those who have come after them. The blood ties are strong, and the new family’s oath to protect mankind is even stronger.

If your interest is piqued and you decide to look into the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Series, then I would advise avoiding the family tree because it contains spoilers.


Connelly and Arcos Bloodlines

Hungarian Origin Late Middle Ages


Descendant of Gypsy Nicolae Daróczi

Alliana Daróczi Arcos a very magical Gypsy

Descendants of Lord Arcos the Fourth (human)

Mikhal Arcos the Third and Mariska Arcos (practitioner of black magic) Turned to Vampires in the late 1300’s

 Twins (conceived by magic) Katia Arcos (mixed blood no vampire traits) and

Mikhalen Arcos (mixed blood strong vampire traits) were born to Alliana and Mikhal Arcos

 Katia Arcos married Emillian Connelly they had one child, Sabina Connelly.

She held great magic and made the vow to protect mankind


Mikhalen Arcos was lost in war.

His descendants surfaced in London, England in 1800’s.

They were two sons from an Arcos family.

Charles Arcos (mixed blood) married Victoria Barton (human)

Jonathan Morton Arcos (possibly living)

Charles and Victoria are deceased but they had one child:


Isabelle Arcos who has mixed blood and magic. She was born in 1868 and is still living)

Present day descendants of Sabina Connelly are:

Loiza Connelly (sister of Nicolas Connelly) – She raised Raven and Rachel

Connelly after their parents died.

Nicolas Connelly and Rebecca Kimble parents of Raven Connelly and Rachel Connelly

Raven Connelly (Magical Gypsy) is with Alex Ashford (half demon)

Rachel Connelly Grey (Magical Gypsy) married Michael Grey (not magical)

Sophia Connelly Grey is the very magical child of Rachel and Michael Grey. She is three years old.

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