Spanking A To Z Challenge

G is for Domestic Discipline Guide #SpankA2Z 4 comments

G is for Domestic Discipline Guide #SpankA2Z Today the G for Guide is referring to my book Taken in Hand: A Guide to Domestic Discipline, Power Exchange, and Related BDSM Topics. It is a guide to help those seeking to establish a domestic discipline relationship that includes spanking and the various D/s relationships that are part of BDSM. Beginning a dominant and submissive or domestic discipline relationship that involves disciplining your partner and taking or giving up control to one person can be scary, and any relationship can have pitfalls. It’s easier when you know what to look for as well as knowing that others struggle too. The book covers creating  rules, routines, reasonable punishments and when to punish, as well as how this type of relationship can help create a powerful bond between two people. Jolynn Raymond has written a book that shares the details of her own long […]

E ~ Is For Eeep! #SpankA2Z 3 comments

E – Eeep! – Eeep is the sound my darling wife makes when I find the special spots she has on the back of her calves and the bottoms of her feet. The stainless steel claws, the six wheel Wartenberg wheel, and my other sharp and pointies bring about such a delicious sound. I slowly trace my claw downward, starting on the inside of each thigh and then winding around and down ever so slowly over the back of her knee until EEEP! My favorite noise fills the air and she shivers, tossing her head from side to side until I begin slowly downward once more. I can’t help but let out just a bit of evil laughter. The funny thing is she loves my sharp and pointy toys. Eeep! You can find the page to their store for the claws here.

D ~ Is For Display #SpankA2Z 9 comments

D – Display – There is nothing lovelier than a well spanked bottom put on display. Paddle that naughty bum to a beautiful shade of crimson and then send your bad girl to the corner with her hands on her head and her panties lowered to just above the knees. If you make her spread her legs so they are tightly stretched, she will be even more aware that her panties are pulled down but very much still there. Go and see what the rest of the Spankers are up to.

C ~ Is For Carnal #SpankA2Z 10 comments

~~~~~~~~ C – Carnal – Those of us who have embraced our sexuality as a positive thing, have opened the door to so many more carnal pleasures than those who view sex, and our most primitive needs, as a bad thing. Just the word carnal conjures images in my brain. It speaks of things that are perhaps taboo to those who feel sex is something wicked or shameful. Embrace your carnal urges, set them free and explore. Practice safe sex, keep things consensual at all times, and learn about what it is you wish to do before jumping in head first. I hope this blog challenge will become something that both stimulates and sparks creative urges. Explore your sexuality from A – anal to Z – zap (electrical play), and spice up your life in both the bedroom and in your relationships. Take notes, pencil in new things to learn […]

A Colorful Bottom is a Beautiful Thing #SpankA2Z 7 comments

B – Is for Bruises Many a masochist or spanking lover has stood backwards before a mirror trying to see the beautiful bruises left behind from their chastisement. They are the colorful testament to the strong feelings that rise up inside during a spanking or paddling and remind the one who was spanked of all the warring sensations that went through them, pain, pleasure, humiliation and a feeling of being care for and loved as well, while they were punished for their wrongs. Sitting upon the lovely bruises reminds them of their spanking each time they sit, and they stain one’s bottom purple, blue and red like a colorful badge of honor that speaks of being cherished. Hop on over to the rest of the Spankers to see what they have in store for you.

A is for Anal Punishment #Consensual #SpankA2Z 16 comments

A  is of course for Anal. I don’t think any of you thought I would do anything else! She lay across his lap bottom tilted up hands dutifully clasp behind her back, legs spread wide as expected, but he knew she was still full of resentment over his decision to punish her. Even after he’d spanked her bottom to a fiery red, her body remained stiff with defiance. “I will tell you once more to speak of the crime you are being punished for Abigail. If you continue to remain silent, I will find another way to turn your attention to your misdeed. Why are you being spanked?” His question received no reply. Abigail was stubbornly refusing to admit that her decision to drive home after consuming a large glass of wine the night before had been a dangerous one. Wine went straight to her head, and they both knew […]

Spanking A To Z Blog Challenge #Spanks

Spanking Romance Reviews is thrilled to sponsor the June Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge, brought to you by Celeste Jones.  Here’s the scoop: What is the Spanking From A to Z Blog Challenge? The Spanking from A to Z Blog Challenge is a group event for any spanking blogger who would like to participate. The challenge is to blog for 26 days in June, 2014 using a different letter of the alphabet as a theme for your blog posts. Can you explain that a bit more? Sure. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a day of the month. On June 1, your blog should have A as the theme. B on June 2 etc. Does each post have to be about spanking? No! This is an opportunity to share all sorts of things. Got a great recipe for Apple Pie? You could post it on June 1 with A or on […]