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Happy Spanksgiving

Now that the relatives are gone and the household is sleeping off their turkey induced stupor, why not curl up with a steamy bit of erotica? Lessons of Love  spins the tale of a southern belle forced into marriage with a heartless, but ever so handsome rogue who believes in disciplining his new bride. While Elizabeth’s Destiny takes you on a wild and kinky adventure in the harem of a grand palace in India. Both will serve up food for your kinky mind and help alleviate the stress that holidays with family can bring. Go ahead, indulge yourself in a steamy read that’s guaranteed to knock your socks off and give you very sweet dreams. Or, if you are looking for something with even more kink, all of my books can be found here. Jolynn Raymond’s Amazon page.

My Thankful Thoughts

Before the rush of relatives, the stress of juggling two families, and the inevitable dying for a nap after dinner but need to stay awake because we have company, I want to take a moment to reflect on those things I am thankful for. My wife. Without Beauty life would be lonely and dull. I can stand on my own two feet and face the world head on alone, but I never want to have to again. I am thankful for her love, devotion, intelligence, humor, beauty, companionship, compassion, submission, and ability to add serenity and comfort to my life. The ring on her finger symbolizes our union, the collar on her neck symbolizes our owning of each other. Never does a day go by that I would want her to be without either, and never a day goes by that I wouldn’t want her to be part of me. […]

Did Someone Say Anal? 4 comments

Did Someone Say Anal? It seems that the demand for information about play that includes anything anal is quickly growing. Anal sex and all things related to anal play is the last frontier for some and the oh so naughty addition of something kind of kinky for others. Regardless of the why, the hunger for facts is out there and so I will discuss the types of anal play and toys. This article will be written from a woman’s point of view and feeling. I don’t know much about the whole stimulating the prostate. Other than that aspect, I would think the basics still apply. Safety first: Make sure whatever you are deciding to use to insert into the anus has a flanged end. If something slips all the way inside, it can be very hard to get it back out without the aide of medical help. I prefer a […]

Everything You always Wanted to Know About Anal Play

It seems the need for information about anal paly is never ending. This weekend I will address this subject once more and talk about types of play other than anal sex. I’ll share pictures of my favorite, some uncommon, toys, explain butt plugs and how to use them, issues about being clean before hand, and what to expect. so all you anal fans tune in for a how to guide on everything anal.

Two Day Count Down Sale

Travel back to the very beginning Beginning Monday November 11th at 9:00, Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book One will be on sale for only .99 cents! But don’t wait long, Tuesday, November 12th the price goes up to $1.99, and by Wednesday Taken will be back to its full price of $3.95 Hurry before this sale ends Purchase Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil, here Taken is a dark love story set in the 1500’s of Hungary. It’s one that begins with terror and cruelty. Mikhal the Merciless is pure evil, a dark anti-hero who will fill you with loathing long before he catches your heart. The road to love for Alliana and Mikhal is a rocky one; and any roses that bloom, also pierce with thorns. You may well be wishing for Mikhal’s demise before you cheer them on to love, but you will cheer them on […]

The Ignorance of Gender Intolerance 3 comments

  The Ignorance of Gender Intolerance The definition of tolerance in Webster’s Dictionary is: Willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own. I think the idea of tolerance get a lot of lip service, especially in the kink community and in the twenty something crowd, but I’m not so sure this acceptance of feelings or habits different than yours has truly been embraced, even by those of us who consider themselves tolerant of others and their differences. My generation didn’t grow up truly being taught to be tolerant of people unlike ourselves. It was in my home, but that wasn’t the norm. My parents were front runners for their generation when it came to acceptance of those with a skin color that wasn’t white. We didn’t have African American kids bused to our school until I was in 3rd grade, and even then; they had a […]

A Submissive’s Point of View 3 comments

I saw this picture and statement a few days ago, posted by Michael Makai, and immediately loved it. In fact, I changed my avatar on Fetlife to this picture. I’ve read it over a number of times and have identified with it very strongly, but there is always a moment of pause because the part about being so damn good at it is really quite presumptuous. This train of thought sent me on a search to find out just what submissives think makes a great dominant, not what we dominants think makes us good. I know I have preached to my readers about how it isn’t easy to be dominant. I’ve listed a code of ethics, I’ve talked about not being selfish or thinking it’s all about you, but all of that has come from my own point of view, not that of someone who wears the shoe on the […]

Erotic and Kinky Stocking Stuffers

Now that Halloween is over the rush to the holidays will begin. Settle back and relax knowing you have a perfect stocking stuffer. Lessons of Love and Elizabeth’s Destiny  are sure to add some sizzle Give them to someone you’d love to spice things up with, or save them to savor on your own when you need some private time. Both Lessons of love and Elizabeth’s Destiny are available in bot ebook and paperback Order yours today Lessons of Love        Elizabeth’s Destiny Both by Jolynn Raymond