Did Someone Say Anal? 4 comments

Did Someone Say Anal?

It seems that the demand for information about play that includes anything anal is quickly growing. Anal sex and all things related to anal play is the last frontier for some and the oh so naughty addition of something kind of kinky for others. Regardless of the why, the hunger for facts is out there and so I will discuss the types of anal play and toys. This article will be written from a woman’s point of view and feeling. I don’t know much about the whole stimulating the prostate. Other than that aspect, I would think the basics still apply.

Safety first:

Make sure whatever you are deciding to use to insert into the anus has a flanged end.

If something slips all the way inside, it can be very hard to get it back out without the aide of medical help. I prefer a wide base. Many dildos have balls and butt plugs have a base that prevents them from sliding all the way in. If you’re going to put it in, make sure you can get it out. I know many people like to experiment with things in private because they are curious and it’s considered kinky or nasty, but make sure there is some kind of end or base you can get your fingers (especially lubed fingers) around securely.

The use of lube is important. You can easily tear the tissue inside. Remember, your body is designed for things to come out of there not go in. In the porn movies they like to use spit as lube. That’s pretty ridiculous. You want your body inside and a bit outside on the rim of your anus to be slicked up, whatever you decide you want to put in there will go in a lot smoother and therefore move in and out a lot smoother if you use good lube. I like Liquid Silk. Don’t go cheap. The good stuff keeps you from having to add more lube at a time when you really don’t want to have to juggle the bottle about and get your hands all messy. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times you have to add more with the good stuff. It depends on how long a session you are having, and anal play is messy regardless. Anal play is just downright dirty and fun. It’s a bit of what makes it taboo. As far as the warming stuff goes, I have not had good experiences with it. It irritates and you don’t want to feel irritated way up in there.

Going back and forth from ass to vagina or ass to mouth is a no no. There are folks that get off on the whole ass to mouth thing and they claim if you are cleaned out inside that it’s okay. I say no. You can get a bad bacterial stomach issue from that and you never want to mix traces of poo into your vagina. I speak this from experience. The naysayers can have their kink, but it is not safe in my book. Anal toys should stay anal toys. Anything porous can’t be cleaned 100%. My exception to this rule would be my glass or Pyrex toys. Clean your toys with good anti bacterial soap. Some go so far as to boil their butt toys but I think a good sudsing up will do it if it stays as only an ass toy or it’s glass. As for anal rimming, if you are very clean, licking and teasing the outside of the anus can be fun. Perhaps even little pokes of the tongue into the ass, but just a bit and only if you are freshly scrubbed. Yes, I’m anal about cleanliness.


You’ll feel better if you’re good and clean inside and out. Some enjoy enemas, some just do them because it takes a lot of the possible ick factor out of the equation. I do not recommend trying to add the enema as a type of kinky foreplay if you are new to all this. Also, aside from the inflatable butt plugs, I personally could never hold an enema longer if I had a butt plug in. I have issues with holding them long anyway, but do get clean even if I don’t. My issue is that even an hour or two afterward I still feel like I have a need to go which doesn’t go well with anal sex. I personally will lean towards eating light and using a Fleet anal suppository. That works for me without the added side effect I get from the old fashioned bag enemas. Just stay very close to the toilet. I used to put some towels down on the bathroom floor and lay on one side then roll to the other slowly. As said, some folks like to add this step as play. It certainly can be a humiliation aspect and it does leave a submissive feeling very submissive.

Anal play can be messy. Have a few towels on hand as well as wet washcloths and anti bacterial hand wipes. Put a towel down under you as well. Your hands are going to get messy, and wiping them off on a wet towel before proceeding is fine as long as you don’t use that hand for anything vaginal before washing. Even if the person on the receiving end of anal play is cleaned out, there can be a little mess. As I said in my anal sex tutorial, just shut up about it. Really, the person who is getting taken in the ass or is having things played with in and out of their butt is feeling a bit tense about the possibility of mess when something is withdrawn. Tell them it’s just lube if there is an issue.

Taking the time to prep the anus for entry is important to pleasure. As I said, things are meant to come out of there, not go in. The sphincter is a band of muscles about 1 – 2″ in that will give the most resistance when you are trying to insert something. This is the place it will hurt most other than further in if whatever you are putting in is long and your rectum isn’t. Use finger play and massage the muscles inside with lots of lube. Play is fun, swirl around, slip in and out, tease it open. Don’t just go jamming about. The hardest part of inserting anything will be the going in. Inflatables can be good for this reason. They are small going in so they slide in easier, and then you can expand them once they are in place filling you nice and full. I mean face it, part of the allure of double penetration is that feeling of being so full you can hardly stand it but love it at the same time. Just take things slow when you’re first introducing your body to the pleasures of anal play.


Fruit and Veggies: I’m a no for these in general. There is just too much of a chance of something breaking off inside or sliding in all the way. The only organic thing I like to use is raw ginger. This practice is called figging. You peel a raw ginger root and shape it so it will go in the ass. The ginger will cause a burn inside the ass and goes from irritating to really hot. I use ginger and figging when I do Victorian Roleplay. Some say that adding ginger in this manner not only burns inside as a type of funishment or punishment, it can heighten all sensitivity to sensation, thus making spanking more intense as well as the pleasurable sensations as well. I have had mixed results on the sensitivity aspect. All of those I’ve figged have had the intense, but not so bad they must yell red sensation from figging, and it truly does add fun to a Victorian scene. They perfected the practice. The English take their punishment seriously.


There is a huge variety of toys, some that will make your eyes pop out of your head. Leave those to the folks that love anal fisting and such. A small to medium butt plug is a good start. Most people have trouble keeping a butt plug in the first time. You need lube but it doesn’t have to be so slicked up the plug comes shooting out of there when you try to move. I suggest using a finger to rub lube on the outside of the anus and then sliding a lubed finger inside. Follow with the plug that has some lube on it. You may have to wear sexy panties or a thing to help keep it in the first time you try moving about or wearing it for a little bit. I do suggest trying it out before you try wearing one during regular intercourse. The heavy sex will turn into peals of uncontrollable laughter if you are cumming and your butt plug goes shooting out of you.

I do not recommend wearing a plug all night or for a long period of time when it’s a new thing, and I personally don’t recommend wearing one all night regardless. A plug can be a great addition to sex. Like I said, the feeling of double penetration is great, just try it out and learn to use the muscles you need to hold it in, larger ones will stay put better, but they may be uncomfortable until you are used to having something in your ass.

I personally love the glass or pyrex toys. I have a long curved semi thin one with a ball on the end that makes for easy holding once my hands are wiped off that I love. Glass coupled with lube makes for a very easy entrance. They make glass plugs, and all sorts of glass dildos. They are easy to clean, can be refrigerated for a whole new sensation, and really do go in easy. I have one that I call the juicer because the end of it reminds me of the thing in the center of a hand orange juicer. It has bumps on the shaft too, and the best part is that it has a handle to crank. It produces a sensation that nothing else can. You crank it slowly one way, then slowly the other, then faster and faster. I have found it’s almost a sure way to anal orgasm.

The Juicer

Due to technical difficulties pictures are having http errors and not all of them are in this post.  ~ Beauty

The juicer on the left. The other contraption will be saved for another day. it doesn’t involve the ass at all but is one of my favorite torture devices.

There are lots of toys on the market for anal play. I have a set of trainers that go from around thumb size gradually up to one that is just under the diameter of a soda can. They are hollow and pretty rigid. You can spend the day tormenting (or pleasing) your bound submissive gradually upping the size of trainer in their butt. I like to do this with them face down, pillow under their hips. Make sure your partner can move about at times and make sure they are hydrated even though that will of course produce the need for using the bathroom, unless of course you are a watersports lover as well. If you are going to tie someone up for a good period of time, don’t leave them alone. Check their extremities to feel if their fingers or feet are cold, rub the muscles and let them move some.

Anal Beads:

These little gems can be loads of fun. Use plenty of lube because when you pull them out you want the feeling to be pleasure not ouch. Pop them in one at a time, perhaps while you have your partner over your lap and spanking fun is going on. Push them in one by one until only the pull ring is outside of the body and then pull them out fairly quickly during orgasm or just for an added zing while playing with your partner’s ass.


These of course come in many many shapes and sizes and are made out of all types of material. My best advice here is to go  larger gradually. There is short and fat, long and thin, long and thick, steel, glass, cyberskin, rigid, soft. Just make sure they have a wider base and use lube. Some types of lube can damage the realistic feel dildos. I think condom use with whatever type of dildo or cock you are using for anal play is a good idea. The rectum has loads of bacteria. It just makes for easier cleaning.

There are dildos that come with a brass knuckles type of handle for the fucker to use so they can fuck their partner nice and hard, long probing dildos and those that curve to massage the prostrate, dildos that are thicker but not so long that give you a very full feeling without going so deep because some people can’t take depth. Try them and see what works. Getting past the sphincter is the hardest part of going in but vaginal or clitoral orgasms can be greatly enhanced by having something in the ass, and anal orgasms are powerful and just very different. Anal play is guttural and so are the orgasms. Hope that makes sense.

For those who are advanced, may I suggest the fuck saw or  Sawzall with which ever size dildo that you prefer. This is basically a power saw that has been adapted so it can have a dildo attached to it and do rapid fire fucking. One of my guys loves to be fucked in the ass and he can take a lot. He will take the damn thing at full speed all the while saying greeeeeeeeeeeeeen for yes, good to go, don’t stop. Damn thing was running so fast it made the light flicker in the dungeon! That however is not for the faint of heart or beginners.

Read the labels on lube, try a few sizes of plugs, have your partner play around back there, perhaps slipping a finger in while doing oral on you. Put the whole mess thing out of your head. If you clean up inside before hand then just relax. Yes, there maybe a little mess here and there, but it happens. If you are stressing about it then your body will tighten, and if you are uptight entry will be harder and so on. Ass play is fun! Experiment and enjoy it. Go ahead and get down and dirty, you may like it. Trust me, if you like the plugs and toys so much that you beg your partner to fuck you in the ass that will most likely be met with a dropping of the jaw and an enthusiastic rapid nodding of the head.

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