My Thankful Thoughts

Before the rush of relatives, the stress of juggling two families, and the inevitable dying for a nap after dinner but need to stay awake because we have company, I want to take a moment to reflect on those things I am thankful for.

My wife. Without Beauty life would be lonely and dull. I can stand on my own two feet and face the world head on alone, but I never want to have to again. I am thankful for her love, devotion, intelligence, humor, beauty, companionship, compassion, submission, and ability to add serenity and comfort to my life. The ring on her finger symbolizes our union, the collar on her neck symbolizes our owning of each other. Never does a day go by that I would want her to be without either, and never a day goes by that I wouldn’t want her to be part of me.

My family. Though they frustrate me and make me crazy, I love them dearly, and especially love them for being accepting of both our sexuality and kink lifestyle. My mom who refuses to slow down at 87 and causes countless worries over her firm independence (and a huge moment of freak out when she asked me for a vibrator!), my step sons and brother who make a lot of bad decisions but add quite a few hills on the rollercoaster that is our life, and our precious granddaughters who are beautiful, unique, feisty, loving, kind, and delightful. Children add a special joy to the holidays and Christmas. Now if only we can figure out a way to have a tree without our high octane, never sit still for a minute, must seek and destroy 1 year old, from toppling the whole thing over.

My friends. Our kink family mean so very much to us. We can do what we love, live how we wish, and find acceptance and those who would be deemed crazy right along side us by the vanilla world. Each of you is unique. You add spice, humor, support, creativeness, and love to our life. There is nothing better than spending an evening or a weekend immersed in kink. Walking and talking with those who share our secret passion for the way we play and love. A special thanks for Jud. He is part of our family who loves us both so very much, for dick who would do anything to help and often does, and to martin who often butts heads with Beauty over the lawn and shrubbery but takes care of the yard and helps in any way he can when he is over at the house.

My house and home. Beauty makes our house a home and I am thankful for the cozy place that provides comfort and a roof over our heads. I am also thankful for the dungeon in the basement!

My readers. They are the reason I am a successful writer. They give me drive to create my novels, a passion to explain the kink lifestyle, and joy for being able to have my words mean something and make people feel. I am a writer even without a single person to read what I write, but the joy and feeling of accomplishment I receive when sharing the things that come from my sometimes twisted mind couldn’t be had without all of you.

My writing. It brings me joy, and allows my mind to go someplace else completely. There are sometimes dark twisted tales that come out onto paper, but they and the pictures I create with my words make my creative spirit dance.

Books. There is a great joy in reading. It relaxes me and send my worries away if only for a time. A life without books would be dull and grey. Books have ignited my love of history, my passion for kink, my own creative Muse, and also an escape when I need it most. Beauty recently laughed as I held a new 1000 plus page book in my arms and lovingly stroked the cover. I love, love, love books.

My job. Though it causes a huge amount of stress it allows me to provide for my family, and if I dig deep enough through the bureaucratic crap, the joy that made me choose my profession is still there.

I am loved, warm, never hungry, nor lonely. I have the love of my life by my side, a creative muse who gives me a special talent with words, and wonderful family and friends. I am able bodied even if at times feel like I am 80, have an intelligent mind that drives my love of history and thirst for knowledge. I have the means to travel to discover anything and everything in this world, and a way to keep on learning and sharing my knowledge with those who share my passion. I have so very much. My life is full and vibrant, but also offers serenity and a cocoon of love, and so I give thanks. Thanks for Beauty, thanks for those in my life, and thanks for all I have. I have the strength to stand alone on my own two feet, but even those who have an inner strength get weary and life alone rarely enriches the creative or passionate soul, so thanks to all who touch my life. You matter, all of you, and I am deeply thankful.

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