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Beneath The Shadows of Evil Trilogy 6 comments

A look at the final cover in the Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy. Treasured is due out July 1st. The first two can be yours today! The Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy is just the thing for those who love a good dose of historical romance with their paranormal books. This trilogy takes place in the late Middle Ages of Hungary and is the tale of a magical gypsy girl kidnapped by a cruel Hungarian vampire lord. Love will not come easy for these two and the story is dark and gritty. The best loves are those worth fighting for. Taken and Torn are available now from Beneath the Shadows of Evil.. Taken Beneath the Shadows of Evil… Torn

Thank You Lesa!! 3 comments

“Paranormal Romance & Author’s That Rock” I’m reading Beneath The Shadows of Evil Book 2 by Author Jolynn Raymond The First Book I Gave 5 Stars The second is Omg!!! This is about a Dominant King Vampire who is like nun other Who is Ruthless he has a wicked sick bitch Sister you will love to hate them both in book 1 This book should be on every shelf. Pick it up and please let me know what you Think !!! I’m mind Blown~Lesa Thanks so much for commenting on my books. If you’d like to check out Lesa’s Facebook page, click the link below. Paranormal Romance Author’s That Rock

Stop and Think First 17 comments

Stop and Think First This post is going to be of a serious nature, and I sincerely hope that those who read my blog only because of my books and not because they are kinky, give this post a few minutes of their time. I want to speak about the fear many people have of the things they don’t understand, and the pain caused by the bigotry their fear often manifests into. In the past few weeks two of my friends in the kink community have been outed by people who were in no way affected by these friend’s kinky lifestyle. In both cases the perpetrator came across my friends’ profiles on Fetlife, and in both cases, the outing of these individuals caused great harm. It hurt so much to witness the pain my friends had to go through, and it also made me mad as hell, so I am going to address a few points here. First, just […]

Dark Historical Romances

  Dark Historical Romances Love your romance full of angst and passion? My love stories are dark, my heroes nasty, my heroines disillusioned by the hand life has dealt them. The roses not only prick with thorns, they are wrapped in barbed wire, and even when my couples stop fighting each other, others try to tear them apart. Sound rough? You bet, but I’ll take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that will keep you hanging on until the end. If this sounds like your kind of love story, then click the link below to explore my wickedly dark and spicy novels. Those looking for an easy road full of rainbows and sunshine need not apply. Available at

From The Mailbag 2 comments

From The Mailbag I received the following question from Chris, and thought it would make a good topic for my Saturday post. hi my name is chris, my gf likes pain and the whole bdsm concept, but im not sure on how to go about fulfilling that fantasy of hers. do u have any inexpensive (or slightly more expensive) tricks to spice things up in the bedroom? The first thing that is of importance is whether she finds the pain AND the power exchange appealing or if she just finds getting spanked delicious. Your approach to fulfilling her fantasy depends on what she finds fantasy worthy. As always, I advise that communicating is what should happen first. Find out if she likes the idea of you being the disciplinarian. The stern figure who will punish her because she really needs it and craves the control, or if she likes funishment spankings or […]

What’s In My Dungeon?

Today I am going to address what’s in our play space here at home. Many of the things are simply geared towards my needs as a dominant/top/sadist, some are must haves, and then I am going to add a wish list and a list of things other tops or bottoms might find indispensable. Furniture A St Andrew’s Cross. This is my favorite piece. Ours is secured to the ceiling and is set about a foot and a half from the wall instead of being up against it. This allows me to move in front of Beauty if she is facing the wall. I can check in on her, give her water from a bottle with a straw, as well as have frontal access to her clit. I normally start with her facing outward so I can flog and cane her breasts, and flog between her legs, then turn her so I have full access […]