What’s In My Dungeon?

Today I am going to address what’s in our play space here at home. Many of the things are simply geared towards my needs as a dominant/top/sadist, some are must haves, and then I am going to add a wish list and a list of things other tops or bottoms might find indispensable.


A St Andrew’s Cross. This is my favorite piece. Ours is secured to the ceiling and is set about a foot and a half from the wall instead of being up against it. This allows me to move in front of Beauty if she is facing the wall. I can check in on her, give her water from a bottle with a straw, as well as have frontal access to her clit. I normally start with her facing outward so I can flog and cane her breasts, and flog between her legs, then turn her so I have full access to her back for caning, flogging, paddling, electric play, or using sharp and pointies. If you look close you can see the chains that hang down from each part of the top of the cross. I use these so Beauty’s arms are out but at shoulder height. This way she doesn’t loose circulation in her hands.

Another piece of furniture we have is a massage table. Not only is it useful for massages, but it’s great for sensual play. I like to use the massage table when I am doing drumming and lighter impact with my canes or other sensual things where the focus in not on striking the back or bottom. We believe in a cushy dungeon so have a towel warming rack to keep blankets warm for aftercare or after massages.



We also have a spanking bench. This is of course ideal for spanking, paddling, caning, the bottom’s bottom. It is more comfortable for the person on the receiving end of the impact play.


Toys consist of various impact types. Floggers, canes, paddles. The floggers go from thuddy to stingy and are made out of rabbit fur, deer skin, elk, suede, rubber, and horse hair. The paddles are wooden, leather, Lucite, and rubber. The choice of paddle depends on the sensation I want to achieve. The canes are bamboo, rattan and wooden, We also have sharp and pointy things like steel claws, a 6 wheel wartenburg wheel, another devices that has tacks on a roller. this sounds painful but it all depends on the pressure used. I actually use the pointy thumbtack one to create a tickling sensation that makes Beauty squeal. And of my metal objects can be used with our neon wand. It has glass attachments but can also be used with the body pad so anything I use including my fingers becomes electric when I touch my submissive.

The toys are hung and put on a table in the dungeon. They are rolled up on a carrier or put in a special rolling case when we travel to events.


Of much importance to any play room is the safety and sanitary items. We have a fully stocked first aide kits right at hand. A safety scissors with glow in the dark handle for emergency release from bondage, condoms to cover and insertables, lube, candy and chocolate to give during aftercare, bottled water, plenty of paper towels and Clorox wipes. All toys and furniture is wiped down after use.

For comfort with have a space heater, a warming rack for towel and blankets, piles of pillows for cuddling on the floor during aftercare, and the all important Hitachi. I have the regular one for home and a traveling one that hold a charge for travel when we might play on furniture that isn’t close to an outlet. Music is a must. Choose something you enjoy that has a good beat for active impact play and something quieter and more peaceful for sensation play and bondage. Other miscellaneous items are a spreader bar, fur gloves, leather gloves, a huge wardrobe of fetish clothes for when I want to be the ‘sterotypical’ Domme, blindfolds and gags, cuffs and play collar, nipple clamps and harnesses. There is no substitute for good quality toys. This is an area where you don’t want to go cheap. Our furniture was hand designed and made by a friend and many of our paddles and floggers are made by friends.

It would be great to have some type of restraints that hang from the ceiling but we haven’t done that yet. I am not a huge bondage (with rope) person so suspension hooks were low on my list. My guys would very much like a cage or cell but we really don’t have the room. Those who are very much into rope play would enjoy a lacing table or a suspension frame. We don’t have the room.

Different people need different toys. I don’t do CBT and I don’t need a queening chair. I am only sexual with my wife. My male subs don’t give that kind of service. We do have towels, foot rests, and lotions on the rec room side of our basement so foot rubs can be properly given. what we have is geared towards what we enjoy and the space that permits it. I would love a double beanbag chair for aftercare cuddling.

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