Daily Archives: April 13, 2013

What’s In My Dungeon?

Today I am going to address what’s in our play space here at home. Many of the things are simply geared towards my needs as a dominant/top/sadist, some are must haves, and then I am going to add a wish list and a list of things other tops or bottoms might find indispensable. Furniture A St Andrew’s Cross. This is my favorite piece. Ours is secured to the ceiling and is set about a foot and a half from the wall instead of being up against it. This allows me to move in front of Beauty if she is facing the wall. I can check in on her, give her water from a bottle with a straw, as well as have frontal access to her clit. I normally start with her facing outward so I can flog and cane her breasts, and flog between her legs, then turn her so I have full access […]