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Stop and Think First 17 comments

Stop and Think First This post is going to be of a serious nature, and I sincerely hope that those who read my blog only because of my books and not because they are kinky, give this post a few minutes of their time. I want to speak about the fear many people have of the things they don’t understand, and the pain caused by the bigotry their fear often manifests into. In the past few weeks two of my friends in the kink community have been outed by people who were in no way affected by these friend’s kinky lifestyle. In both cases the perpetrator came across my friends’ profiles on Fetlife, and in both cases, the outing of these individuals caused great harm. It hurt so much to witness the pain my friends had to go through, and it also made me mad as hell, so I am going to address a few points here. First, just […]