Spank or Treat October 24th – 26th #SpankorTreat

Author for Spank or Treat

SPANK OR TREAT 2014 Spank or Treat 2014 is finally here! Visit Governing Ana for the prize list, sign-up sheet, and full instructions. You can win from a prize pool valued at over $1,000, including a Kindle Fire or Nook HD donated by Blushing Books! Want to become a Spank or Treat Ambassador and earn an extra prize entry? See below! Even better, participation could earn you a GRAND PRIZE! GENERAL PRIZES! Kindle Fire or Nook HD (Winner’s choice!) (donated by Blushing Books) $25 gift certificate to Less Than Three Press (TWO winners!) (donated by the same) $25 gift certificate to Amazon (donated by Jolynn Raymond) $20 gift certificate to Amazon (donated by HA Fortman) $20 gift certificate to Phaze Books) (donated by the same) $30 candy basket (donated by Witty Bard Publishing) EveL Minion starter pack (donated by Eve Langlais) Tea gift basket and ebooks (donated by Leigh Ellwood) …

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His Lordship’s Wayward Wife: A Kinky Historical Romance #TheEnd #AmEditing

His Lordship's Wayward Wife: A Kinky Historical Romance

Prologue England 1802   The library of the manor house held something far more alluring than books on the damp autumn afternoon. A fire blazed in a hearth crowned by a magnificent oil portrait of the Lord of the manor, chasing away the chill of the day. Blue white pipe smoke drifted through the air creating a richly scented haze that reflected off the glow of the lamps throughout, to provide ample light for each man there to see the others and their lovely playthings. The men, fifteen in all, were seated in large, exquisitely carved chairs arranged in a circle, and the women, fifteen as well knelt nude at their feet. Some were being absently stroked or played with, some simply stayed frozen in place at the side of their husbands. A number of women had nipples that were clamped, while others bore the marks of ownership left by …

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Letting The Sun In

Blonde In Sunshine Cherry Blossoms

Letting the Sun In This isn’t going to be a post where I pull out my soapbox and stand tall spouting my opinions for all to see. Instead, I am entering the room and quietly sitting down, hoping my audience will listen because this is important. In the past, I have spoken about some personal issues and to be frank, they weren’t very well received. I think my readers expect my superhero sex blogger persona who takes people by the ear and says “Listen here!” Well my cape is at the cleaners, and frankly, I am opening myself up to being ignored, scorned, or ostracized, but I hope you will read my post anyway. Something started happening to me probably a good long time ago, longer than I can really put my finger on. I can’t say when it all began, but that doesn’t really matter. This thing silently creeps …

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Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love by Kayla Lords #Erotica

Bound By Love by Kayla Lords

Sir and Babygirl: Bound by Love In the second set of adventures, Sir and Babygirl’s relationship, built on a mutual love of kink and a need for the dominance and submission lifestyle, must move forward or stagnate. Can Babygirl set aside her fears of heartbreak? Will Sir convince his sweet submissive that he loves her completely? And just how many erotic adventures can these two get into as they navigate their growing relationship? Find out in the sequel to The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl. This time, Sir and Babygirl are Bound by Love.   Excerpt: Babygirl arched her back and pointed her toes. The center of her body burned with desire. The phantom hands in her dreams became all too real as she realized Sir was the one driving her to the brink. His fingers stroked her pussy with a feather light touch. The sensations were delicate and sensuous …

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Elust #63 Is Here! #SexBloggers

A to sub Bee

Photo courtesy of A to sub Bee Welcome to Elust #63 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #64? Start with the rules, come back November1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ I am Sexy at Every Size Censored? Never By My Hand #DarkErotica #BDSM Hovering ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ Show Me, Daddy The pride of being a dom ~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~ *You really should consider adding your popular posts here too* Ask Better Questions All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days. Re-posting the …

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Fire and Ice: Season of the Vampire 1 by Maya DeLeina

Fire and Ice

  Fire and Ice Seasons of the Vampire I   Title:  Fire and Ice Series: Seasons of the Vampire I Author: Maya DeLeina Amazon –  Barnes and Noble – iTunes – Smashwords – Book Trailer:     Noel Tierney thought she’d have enough time before the predicted storm to make it to her holiday retreat, but the snow hit sooner than expected. Caught unprepared on a treacherous pass, poor visibility and icy conditions lead to a crash. She lay immobile in her vehicle, stranded in a ditch in the most remote leg of her journey. A faceless hero comes to her rescue and Noel has no choice but to wait out the blizzard in her rescuer’s unique cabin nestled in the woods. Everything about Grayson James peaks her curiosity—his valor, air of mystery and most of all, undeniable attractiveness.   For three days and nights, passions are unleashed and unexpected emotions are brought …

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Now You Can Have Sex With Sunny Megatron Every Week #Yay! @SHO_Network

Sunny Megatron

If you’ve been wondering what Sunny Megatron has been up to lately, you’re in luck. She has a new show on Showtime called Sex With Sunny Megatron. The series premieres October 30th at 11pm EST/PST and 10pm CST on Showtime just after Homeland. Remember to set your DVRs and/or subscribe to Showtime for two months so you don’t miss an episode. The show will also air on TMN in Canada– dates and times TBA. Showtime has a rebate going on if you subscribe. They have a limited time offer if you’re ordering Showtime between  9/8/2014 to 11/3/2014 where you can get a $50 rebate, or you may be eligible for a $25 rebate if you ordered before 9/8/2o14. Click here to get the rebate. Showtime’s blurb about her new show: Get ready for a fresh take on a very old subject. Sex blogger, pleasure advocate and cyber celebrity Sunny Megatron takes …

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Karly’s Wolf {Hollow Hills Book 1} by Penny Alley #Werewolves

Karly's Wolf

 Karly’s Wolf by Penny Alley aka Maren Smith On the run from her abusive husband, Karly Whitaker flees across state lines, finally settling in an old mining town called Hollow Hills. Starting over had never been so scary, and to make it all worse, her first night there, she hits a dog—the biggest, blackest, wolf-like dog she’s ever seen. Although he appears more dazed than hurt, Karly takes him home. Now all she wants to do is hide, but fate, it seems, has other ideas. The local residents are determined to make her a part of their celebration, Fish and Game won’t leave her alone, and every morning Puppy vanishes, leaving her to deal with Colton Laurens all on her own. Colton Laurens—the dark-haired, honey-eyed Game warden, whose gentlest touch makes her battered heart ache and whose hungry kisses burn her from the inside out. For the first time in …

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Censored? Never by My Own Hand #DarkErotic #BDSM


Censored? Never by My Own Hand   Recently Amazon and the Powers That Be decided unexpectedly, that my book Elizabeth’s Destiny should be blocked. This is after having a nice run of approximately 18 months, selling well and being well received. My wife wrote a blog post about the headache and the turmoil the blocking of the book has caused as well as adding an email sent to me by Amazon effectively saying I was welcome to censor the book and resubmit it. The book’s storyline is about a missionary woman in India who is kidnapped, so she can be trained as a concubine in a harem of a man who enjoys BDSM. The book has dubious consent but not much. Elizabeth’s trainer, Maxwell, falls for her long before he hands her over, and when they have sex, she is willing. She is not so willing about the spankings, but …

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Support Your Indie Kinky Erotica Authors #DarkErotica

Kinky Indie Author Countdown Sale

  Support Your Indie Kinky Erotica Authors As a thank your for your support, you can read Jolynn’s Dark Erotic Kindle books in the Kindle Countdown Sale that starts at 8am CST October 5th – 7th. All books will start out at .99 cents, and Lessons of Love is not normally on sale, and there will be spanking. {FYI} – –