Dungeon Crawl ~ A Chocolate Covered Lover

This weeks Dungeon Crawl is brought to you by Romancing The Kink, which is Sheri Savill and Trent Evans. A Dungeon Crawl is like a hop, but only we crawl since it’s BDSM. Today our dungeon is tasty, so good you’ll lick your lips. This is an excerpt from Dark Obsessions, my collection of F/f BDSM erotic short stories. This comes from the story Erotic Sensations, featuring my own lovely Beauty. The excerpt begin about two thirds into a sensual play session. I’ve finished drumming with my canes and now am moving on to the delicious part of the scene, drizzling hot fudge all over my wife. The fudge when warmed in a crock pot on low heats it to a hot but not burning temperature and creates the same type of feeling wax play does with the added bonus of being able to lick Beauty clean.   I stir …

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What’s in Your Kinky Basket?

  Though I love the traditional sweets in an Easter basket, think Jelly Belly Beans and Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, we kinky folk tend to dream of something different when being brought goodies. So I ask you, what’s in your basket? Leave a comment in the box below of what you would wish for if the Easter bunny delivered kinky or naughty things. Suspend his carrying ability and the ability to fit it in a basket. He’s magical so he can work around those limitations. The new and improved bunny. The Easter Bunny has come a long way! If I had my wish for things in my basket, my first item would be a cage bench for the dungeon. I spied this piece of furniture while at Thunder in the Mountains and wanted it then and there. It’s a rectangular cage with thick bars and about 3 feet high that …

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Sound The Trumpets! All The Links Are Up For The BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archive

All the BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archives are up and listed at the bottom of that page in just a raw HTMl link, but are clickable and will get you to what you want to read. I still need to put the posts in categories, and have the links with their actual titles and not just the raw links.   Take Me To The Archives

BDSM Rituals and Routines

If you’ve been here before or read any of my posts in the BDSM archive, then you know I’m big on writing about the responsibility of the dominant’s role in any BDSM relationship be it domestic discipline, Master and slave, babygirl/Daddy, or whatever your dynamic. Dominant doesn’t mean you sit back and your slave or submissive does everything and you do nothing. It means you are taking on the responsibility for the life of another human being so you’d better be ready to work hard. If they are yours, you must care for them as they serve you. I’m also one who tells people if things aren’t going well, if your submissive is not obeying you, if your slave is acting out or your babygirl is having tantrums, then take a long look at yourself and the world or relationship you have established for the both of you. One of …

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Author Spotlight on RJ Redlynn

RJ Redlynn – Author Spotlight I write erotica. Explicit erotica that sometimes probably crosses the lines into smut or porn, but will never be confused with sweet romance. A number of readers have thanked me for that as well. Currently I have three books out (A Loving Heart’s Desire, Vignettes – Tales of Passion, and Erotic Seasons) and am part of an anthology called Erotic Fantasies which is currently a best seller on Amazon in the Women’s Fiction category. To be honest, I’ve thought about writing a book for years but never really knew what to write or had a story to write. That was until my wife found the 50 Shades of Grey series. She was hooked and started reading all kinds of similar books. She would tell me about them and the characters. I kept hearing about these “messed up” characters that fall in love with each other …

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An Unsavory Hero #Spanking Stories

A gentleman would leave without a sound if he came upon a young lady bathing nude in a secluded glade. Unfortunately for Jolie, Cole is no gentleman. In fact, he is anything but. Do you like your heroes dangerous and unsavory? Is a man who believes spanking is the best way to tame a woman someone you’d like to know better? Do the words kinky historical romance mean something very, very good? Lessons of Love by Jolynn Raymond on Amazon.com  

Guest Post: Lord Katana Explains All About Floggers

Today’s guest post is by Lord Katana. He is a good friend with a wonderful talent for making hand crafted floggers and other leather items. He made Beauty’s play cuffs, several of my favorite floggers, and my present last Christmas which was a belt/holster that has a holster for my neon wand and another holster for the Hitachi for hands free electric play and at ready fun during a play session. (Note, don’t grab the Hitachi before turning the wand off. Bad mix of electricity.) I asked him to share some of his expertise with my readers so they can learn to make informed decisions when buying toys, as well as learning how the different materials a flogger is made from can change the feel of play. Thank you for agreeing to share your expertise with us. Can you tell my readers a little about yourself and how you came …

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RTK Dungeon Crawl ~ The Spanking Bench

Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl brought to you by Romancing The Kink, where kinky folks get together on Wednesdays and explore each others dungeons. People have been looking for a spanking bench and specs, so I thought I’d share pictures of how it was made. We had it custom made for Beauty to her measurements by Grandwood of Fetlife. He might be able to give you a better idea of how things were done.  Get crawling to visit the rest of the Dungeons to see what goodies they have in store for you.