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Your Vote Counts In Kinkly’s 2014 Sex Blogging Superhero Contest 8 comments

Kinkly is running the 2014 Sex Blogging Superhero Contest right now. Your vote counts! Have a favorite sex blogger you want to nominate? Here’s how it works: Find your favorite blogger in Kinkly’s Sex Blogger Directory. Now click on your favorite bloggers from the Sex Blogger Directory page and hit their Vote For Me button. Voting for the same blogger more than once won’t count – sorry, but feel free to vote for multiple blogs. For extra kudos, leave a comment on this article telling them why you might love a certain superhero blogger or include a link to any articles you thought were especially awesome over the last year. They’ll tally up the votes and read through ALL the blogs with the highest number of votes. (Hey someone’s gotta do the dirty work around here …) At the end of October Kinkly will announce the winners based on a […]

The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica

Everyone’s favorite lusty librarian Rose Caraway has hunted through her private collection of erotica to select the perfect fantasy for every reader. The twenty two stories that fill The Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica range from explicit sci-fi to chilling horror to romantic fantasy, ensuring a lush and steamy read to satisfy any literary craving. Like a well stocked library, this anthology is full of endless possibilities, complete with it’s own card catalogue. Do you like your erotica organic? Try KD Grace‘s ‘Cherries In Season‘ from the Horticulture section. Or perhaps you are in the mood to relax with Olivia Archer‘s ‘The Perfect Massage‘, listed in Alternative Medicine. Featuring the works of such top eroticists as Rachel Kramer Bussel, DL King, and Kristina Wright, The Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica invites you to browse it’s pages and discover bookish treats to get your blood pumping. Excerpt from “Book […]

A Bit Gag, Long Reins, and a Burning Desire #MasturbationMonday 16 comments

    Today’s Masturbation Monday is compliments of my book Primal Cravings. How about a taste of nasty and rough anal sex? Gideon is schooling Olivia on the joys of anal sex, and this is her first lesson.   Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance “Take a deep breath for me now and let it out slowly.” He moved his hand so he could hold her around the waist. He didn’t need to see where he was going, there was no doubt he was right where he wanted to be. Olivia took a deep breath and began to let it out. As she did, Gideon began to press forward, pushing slowly, opening her up, holding her hips still as her tiny anus began to stretch to accommodate his cock. She began to quiver, and then try to move forward, but Gideon had no intention of being denied entrance. As Olivia […]

Beneath The Shadows of Evil Kindle Countdown Birthday Celebration

  Happy Birthday to me!  In order to celebrate and to say thank you to my readers for another great year, the follow birthday promotions are scheduled. Beneath the Shadows of Evil: Taken, Book One in the trilogy, is only .99 on Sept. 22nd, 1.99 on Sept. 23rd, and only 2.99 on September 24th. Read three chapters free in our Library. Beneath the Shadows of Evil: Torn, Book Two in the trilogy will be only .99 on sept 24th, 1.99 on September 25th, and 2.99 on Sept. 26th. Read three chapters free in our Library. Beneath the Shadows of Evil Treasured: Book Three in the trilogy will be .99 on Sept. 26th. 1.99 0n Sept. 27th. and 2.99 on September 28th. Read three chapters free in our Library. All promotions run on Central time, beginning and ending at 12:00 midnight, and all books return to 3.95 by Sept. 29th. In honor […]

Riggers and Ropesluts, and The People That Love Them #Ylvis 2 comments

This is for all you people that love rope and a bit of humor with your music videos. The Official video for The Trucker’s Hitch The instructional video for The Trucker’s Hitch The live version of The Trucker’s Hitch You can’t tell me that kinksters that normally go to bigger events are not going to set it up and try to choreograph this for their captive audience. (Get it?) Jolynn showed me the official video the other day. When you first start watching it and you have no idea what is coming next, you kind of sit there and try to wrap your head around it. The second time I watched it, I was excited and bouncing around to the music.  If you are trying to figure out where you have seen these people before, this might help you remember. The song is kind of catchy. If you’ve never seen it before, you […]

Censored Books, Adult Tags, and The Amazon Dungeon #FreeOlivia 8 comments

Olivia Hopes To Get Out of the Dungeon Primal Cravings aka Carnal Passions aka whatever name it had, has a final cover, and is still in the Amazon Dungeon in the Adult area. Good chance it was the silhouette of the ‘naked’ lady on the previous covers. Somehow in the search it is lumped in with some Paleo cookbooks (?) and other stuff like that, but you can’t get to it unless you click that you would like to see the adult books that have been filtered in that search. You can always get to it by going to Jolynn’s Amazon Author page and scrolling down her list of books on there, or a direct link. You can read two chapters of Primal Cravings, and the Anal Sex Tutorial free in our Library. Monday she will write a letter and ask if she can free Olivia. The latest books being tagged as Adult are […]

Elust #62 Is Here! #SexBloggers 2 comments

Photo Courtesy of Bawdy Bloke   Welcome to Elust #62 – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #63? Start with the rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates! ~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~ Sex Blogger Life: Real Talk Selfies, Shame and Safety ‘Dress me like a slut and punish my cock’ ~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~ I live in a sex-positive bubble. Wicked Wednesday: Silent Memories   ~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~ *You really should consider adding your popular posts here too* Are you guilty of slut-shaming sex doll lovers? All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this […]

Author Interview With Glenda Horsfall

Author Interview with Glenda Horsfall Our fans love hearing about why and how exactly you got into writing your books. Accidental author? It was always your calling? When and why did you begin writing? I have written since my teens, but mainly for pleasure and myself. I have always loved to read and have dreamt of writing my own book for years. It was something I always envisaged getting around to when I retired, as I didn’t think I would ever have the time while working and bringing up a family. Last year my son was seriously ill and I found that I wasn’t sleeping too well. I was up in the middle of the night and at a loose end, and there’s only so much you can do without waking up the rest of the house, so I found myself playing on the computer.  I started to write as […]

Glenda Horsfall’s Playing For Keeps Blog Tour #Erotica

  Matt is worried! Their relationship is in trouble. Cassie has been begging him to add role-play to their lovemaking, but the kind of role Cassie wants him to play leaves him cold. When he discovers her stash of erotic romance novels, he comes to suspect that what she really wants is dominance.   Matt takes Cassie away for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. She is disappointed that the ‘highlight’ of the weekend is to be a costume party. A costume party is not the kind of role-play she’s fantasized about. She is surprised when she realizes it will be a party for two and that Matt has actually taken her to a BDSM club. Cassie agrees to be his ‘love slave’ for the weekend and promises to obey all her ‘Master’s’ commands. Matt is surprised at her enthusiasm and is turned on by her ready acceptance of his […]