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Censored Books, Adult Tags, and The Amazon Dungeon #FreeOlivia 8 comments

Olivia Hopes To Get Out of the Dungeon Primal Cravings aka Carnal Passions aka whatever name it had, has a final cover, and is still in the Amazon Dungeon in the Adult area. Good chance it was the silhouette of the ‘naked’ lady on the previous covers. Somehow in the search it is lumped in with some Paleo cookbooks (?) and other stuff like that, but you can’t get to it unless you click that you would like to see the adult books that have been filtered in that search. You can always get to it by going to Jolynn’s Amazon Author page and scrolling down her list of books on there, or a direct link. You can read two chapters of Primal Cravings, and the Anal Sex Tutorial free in our Library. Monday she will write a letter and ask if she can free Olivia. The latest books being tagged as Adult are […]