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A Bit Gag, Long Reins, and a Burning Desire #MasturbationMonday 16 comments

    Today’s Masturbation Monday is compliments of my book Primal Cravings. How about a taste of nasty and rough anal sex? Gideon is schooling Olivia on the joys of anal sex, and this is her first lesson.   Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance “Take a deep breath for me now and let it out slowly.” He moved his hand so he could hold her around the waist. He didn’t need to see where he was going, there was no doubt he was right where he wanted to be. Olivia took a deep breath and began to let it out. As she did, Gideon began to press forward, pushing slowly, opening her up, holding her hips still as her tiny anus began to stretch to accommodate his cock. She began to quiver, and then try to move forward, but Gideon had no intention of being denied entrance. As Olivia […]

Beneath The Shadows of Evil Kindle Countdown Birthday Celebration

  Happy Birthday to me!  In order to celebrate and to say thank you to my readers for another great year, the follow birthday promotions are scheduled. Beneath the Shadows of Evil: Taken, Book One in the trilogy, is only .99 on Sept. 22nd, 1.99 on Sept. 23rd, and only 2.99 on September 24th. Read three chapters free in our Library. Beneath the Shadows of Evil: Torn, Book Two in the trilogy will be only .99 on sept 24th, 1.99 on September 25th, and 2.99 on Sept. 26th. Read three chapters free in our Library. Beneath the Shadows of Evil Treasured: Book Three in the trilogy will be .99 on Sept. 26th. 1.99 0n Sept. 27th. and 2.99 on September 28th. Read three chapters free in our Library. All promotions run on Central time, beginning and ending at 12:00 midnight, and all books return to 3.95 by Sept. 29th. In honor […]

Riggers and Ropesluts, and The People That Love Them #Ylvis 2 comments

This is for all you people that love rope and a bit of humor with your music videos. The Official video for The Trucker’s Hitch The instructional video for The Trucker’s Hitch The live version of The Trucker’s Hitch You can’t tell me that kinksters that normally go to bigger events are not going to set it up and try to choreograph this for their captive audience. (Get it?) Jolynn showed me the official video the other day. When you first start watching it and you have no idea what is coming next, you kind of sit there and try to wrap your head around it. The second time I watched it, I was excited and bouncing around to the music.  If you are trying to figure out where you have seen these people before, this might help you remember. The song is kind of catchy. If you’ve never seen it before, you […]