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The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica

Everyone’s favorite lusty librarian Rose Caraway has hunted through her private collection of erotica to select the perfect fantasy for every reader. The twenty two stories that fill The Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica range from explicit sci-fi to chilling horror to romantic fantasy, ensuring a lush and steamy read to satisfy any literary craving. Like a well stocked library, this anthology is full of endless possibilities, complete with it’s own card catalogue. Do you like your erotica organic? Try KD Grace‘s ‘Cherries In Season‘ from the Horticulture section. Or perhaps you are in the mood to relax with Olivia Archer‘s ‘The Perfect Massage‘, listed in Alternative Medicine. Featuring the works of such top eroticists as Rachel Kramer Bussel, DL King, and Kristina Wright, The Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica invites you to browse it’s pages and discover bookish treats to get your blood pumping. Excerpt from “Book […]