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Today’s Masturbation Monday is compliments of my book Primal Cravings. How about a taste of nasty and rough anal sex? Gideon is schooling Olivia on the joys of anal sex, and this is her first lesson.


Primal Cravings

Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance

“Take a deep breath for me now and let it out slowly.” He moved his hand so he could hold her around the waist. He didn’t need to see where he was going, there was no doubt he was right where he wanted to be.

Olivia took a deep breath and began to let it out. As she did, Gideon began to press forward, pushing slowly, opening her up, holding her hips still as her tiny anus began to stretch to accommodate his cock. She began to quiver, and then try to move forward, but Gideon had no intention of being denied entrance. As Olivia let the last of her breath out, Gideon’s cockhead popped inside, and the first of her cries filled the air.

“That’s right, baby’s gonna squeal for me. Take it like the whore I’ve made you, Olivia because I’m not stopping now. Her cry escalated as he began to stretch her tight passage and the bulbous head forced its way passed the tight ring of muscles. Feeling the head push up against and then penetrate the sphincter, Gideon slowed to allow Olivia to grow accustomed to the invasion.

There was a burn deep inside her and while the pain wasn’t sharp, it was very much present. She shook her head as it hung down, feeling like she was being split into two. “No, no, no… please no.” Again Olivia tried to escape his grasp, tried to do anything she could, to stop him from burying himself deep inside her, but her struggles only made him more determined and her pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Oh yes, Olivia. Yes, yes, yes. Take it like a good girl. Dirty whores have to be punished. They have to get pain before they get pleasure. Cry for me and take it my filthy slut because I will have you.”

Her cry became a high pitched wail and then a low guttural moan as Gideon sank deeper inside her. The lube he’d injected into her rectum made the going easy, at least for him. He wasn’t the one whose body was trying to accommodate a large cock. Wanting Olivia to find a bit of pleasure and needing her to relax so he could push the rest of the way in, Gideon reached beneath Olivia and began to strum her clit. This too produced a cry, but it was one that spoke of her desperate need to cum. It was for this very reason he had denied her an orgasm each time they’d laid hands on each other from the time they spoke yesterday until now.

“That’s right Olivia. A little fun for your cunt and clit as I give you a nice painful stretching in your sweet ass. Moan for me now Olivia, can you feel the desire touch you so very deep inside? Relax and the sensations from your clit will mix with those my cock is creating in your puckered little hole.”

Her cry was guttural, a primal wail that started low and became louder as Gideon rubbed her clit with two fingers and push the rest of the way in, giving a grunt of pleasure when his balls met her bottom and his entire shaft was being squeezed by the scorching silky vice that was Olivia’s recently deflowered ass.

Gideon worked her clit for a while longer as he established the first long and slow rhythm of sinking in as deep and he could and sliding outward. The sounds Olivia made were changing as he began to slowly fuck her ass, picking up the pace every five thrusts or so, angling so he could penetrate her even deeper, and then finally moving the hand that was pleasuring her clit so he could grip her hip with one hand and gather up her long hair with the other.

“I need a nice bit gag and some long reins so I can ride you, but you’ll get your proper fucking.” Gideon pushed into Olivia ever so slowly, stopping the rhythmic in and out so he was as far in as their bodies allowed. He reached under Olivia to toy with her nipples as he ran his tongue up her neck and to her ear. “Do you like having my cock in your ass Olivia?”

She was full, so very full and the burning hadn’t stopped altogether, but yes, she liked it. God it felt like he was inside her all the way up to her throat. The sensation was so very different than when she was fucked vaginally. That kind of fucking sent sensations rushing through her that emanated from her core, but this was deeper, further inside, rubbing a place that had never been touched, with every move Gideon made.

She felt a stinging slap upon her bottom cheek, one that meant business. “I asked you a question Olivia.”

“I’m sorry Sir, my brain seems to have stopped working.”

Gideon grinned at her answer. “You are forgiven. Now tell me if my ass whore likes being fucked in her bottom.”

“Oh yes Sir. I’m so full. Your cock feels gigantic. I… It still burns but I want more. Please Gideon, don’t stop now.”

Another slap on her ass accompanied by a harsh pulling back of her hair, and then words were hissed against her ear. “You are to call me Sir. I own you here and now Olivia. You are mine to do with as I want.”

He was pulling so hard on her hair, but it was making her nerves sing, the pain from her scalp shooting pleasure straight to her pussy. Her clit ached to be touched. It felt as if it were twice its normal size. It needed to be touched. Just a little more and she go off like a rocket, but she knew Gideon would do things the way he wanted them, which probably meant a little agony and a lot of begging.

Olivia wiggled her ass just a bit and was rewarded by another slap, this one on her thigh. She couldn’t help but want to feel him fucking her again.

“Such a bold and greedy bitch you are. Do you want me to slide my cock in and out of you? Asking will get you much further than moving when it’s not allowed.

“Please Sir. I need you to fuck my ass. Please. Your filthy slut needs her bottom ridden hard. Please.”

“Not yet Olivia. You have to work for it. I’m going to stand here nice and still and you’re going to squeeze my cock as hard as you can for a count of ten. If you can keep squeezing for that long, and it’s hard enough to please me, then you’ll get ten deep thrusts in and out of your ass. Now squeeze me Olivia, grip my cock as hard as you can.”

Olivia grunted and did as ordered. She bore down on his cock, squeezing with all her might even though it renewed some of the pain. None of that mattered though because the cock inside her felt so good, so hard, so capable of riding her until she broke. She could hear him counting and hear the primal noises coming from deep inside her, but the sounds seemed far away, all her focus was on bearing down on his cock and enjoying the zing of pleasure the muscle contractions were causing in her core.

“That’s a good girl, now relax. You’ve earned ten thrusts. Baby’s nice and greased up, I’ll slide in and out like a knife through butter.”

Slowly, ever so slowly Gideon pulled out of Olivia, until just the head of his cock was still inside her. It meant she would feel him stretching the tight ring of muscles again and she knew it as soon as he pulled out so far. Olivia gave a little mewling noise as Gideon waited, poised to start her fucking, and when she’d taken in a deep breath and begun to exhale, he thrust down her tight passage once more.

Before she could react to the depth of his plunge, he slid back out and gave her hair a hard tug. “Count now Olivia. How many was that?”

“One Sir.”

“That’s right, and my bad girl has earned ten.” Gideon began a slow fucking and Olivia dutifully counted each tormenting slow thrust, her voice quivering when she got to ten, both from the incredible need that was pulsing through her and because she didn’t want him to stop. Before he could, the begging he’d told her she would do began.

“Please don’t stop, please, please. Need it so bad. Need it hard. Need it now.”

“Greedy whore.”

“I am, I’m your whore, Sir. Your nasty girl who loves it up the ass. Please Sir, please.”

He began a slow but steady rhythm, angling his hips so each thrust was deep, but held back on the fast and hard fucking he knew she wanted.

“More, more, please more.”

“Does baby want it hard?”

“Yes, yes. Please Gideon.”

The slap on her ass was hard and cruel, the sound of it snapping through the air in the quiet room. Olivia knew immediately why he’d struck her bottom and knew she needed to appease him before he decided to slow down his strokes and torment her again.

“Dirty filthy whores forget, Sir. Your little slut needs her ass fucked. I apologize for my rudeness, Sir. I’m your dirty girl, only yours, give me what I deserve.”

“You should have stopped after you called yourself a filthy whore, before your apologies turned to asking for what you want. Pleading be to give you what you deserve is being greedy again Olivia because I know you want me to slam fuck you right through to the mattress and into the floor.”

“God yes, please yes. Taken me rough Sir. I beg you to please take me rough.”

And finally he did. With one hand holding her head up by her hair and one hand pressing her down between her shoulder blades so he could attain maximum depth, Gideon began to fuck her hard and fast. His hips thrust forward, each stroke picking up speed, pounding into Olivia like the thunderous hooves of a runaway stallion. In and out, each forceful thrust drove Olivia forward, her knees bouncing off the bed, her hands clutching fistfuls of the sheets, her face pressed into the mattress but the bed doing nothing to muffle her guttural cries.

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