The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica

Everyone’s favorite lusty librarian Rose Caraway has hunted through her private collection of erotica to select the perfect fantasy for every reader. The twenty two stories that fill The Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica range from explicit sci-fi to chilling horror to romantic fantasy, ensuring a lush and steamy read to satisfy any literary craving. Like a well stocked library, this anthology is full of endless possibilities, complete with it’s own card catalogue. Do you like your erotica organic? Try KD Grace‘s ‘Cherries In Season‘ from the Horticulture section. Or perhaps you are in the mood to relax with Olivia Archer‘s ‘The Perfect Massage‘, listed in Alternative Medicine. Featuring the works of such top eroticists as Rachel Kramer Bussel, DL King, and Kristina Wright, The Sexy Librarians Big Book of Erotica invites you to browse it’s pages and discover bookish treats to get your blood pumping.

The Sex Librarian's Big Book of Erotica

Excerpt from “Book Swap” by Rachel Kramer Bussel, part of the anthology The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica edited by Rose Caraway.


         “I’m going to spank you for rubbing it in. And then I’m going to make you suck my cock. And I’m going to have you dance for me rather than a stripper; I don’t want to wait to feel you across my lap.”

         I didn’t have a snappy comeback, because I was no longer in charge. “To answer your question, I don’t have any toys on me.”

         “But you do have this,” he said, picking up the paperback. “I’m going to spank you with it, and maybe if you’re good, I’ll use the belt I have packed in my bag. And you’re going to call up room service and ask if they have any adult toys you could purchase.”

         Somehow, in swapping books, it was like we were swapping roles, like I’d transferred every hint of erotic power over to this wunderkind. Whether we actually did those things or not, I was in. All in. It was so unexpected; I just sat and stared at him until he placed the book back in my lap and whispered, “Now close your eyes and think about how it’s going to feel to have my hand on your ass and my cock in your mouth.”

         I did just that, trying not to squirm too much in my seat. I jumped, startled, when the flight attendant came by to take our final drink orders. Joel ordered a beer, while I asked for an orange juice. When it arrived, I took a few sips, but was so jittery I worried I’d spill it. “Drink up,” he ordered me. “You need all the energy you can get for what’s about to happen. I won’t have you conking out halfway on me.”

         I loved the way he immediately took control, but I also loved that he’d waited to see if I’d responded to him taking charge. I have plenty of bratty sub in me, but I don’t just let that side out for any guy, especially not ones who think all women should immediately bow down and take orders. That’s the opposite of hot. Joel—Joel was everything I look for in a lover, and my body was already primed to respond to his every word. Sometimes, it’s that easy—and I’m that easy.

{A review will be coming very soon about the book.}

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Rose Caraway is a native Northern California writer, editor, and is the number one erotica podcaster on iTunes with hit shows ‘The Kiss Me Quick’s‘ and The Sexy Librarian Blog-cast. Although her specialty is erotic fiction, she also has a passion for writing suspense, horror, fantasy, and romance works. She is one of Audible’s top narrators and has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, Library Journal, and Audiophile for her audiobooks. Link to the Live reading at The Booksmith.

The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica
Edited by Rose Caraway
Forward by Bix Warden
$15.95, Trade Paper
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Published on September 6, 2014 for Read a Book Day

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