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The Facts Regarding Domestic Discipline 7 comments

There have been several stories as of late regarding men who have been charged with assault after disciplining their wives. These stories have suggested that Domestic Discipline or Christian Domestic Discipline has been involved. To this I cry foul. I am in no way supporting anyone who abuses their partner, nor am I condoning using discipline in a relationship where one party in the relationship hasn’t agreed to living a domestic discipline lifestyle. BOTH people must consent and the means of discipline must be discussed before discipline is used for the relationship to be called Domestic Discipline. I will not claim to know the intricacies of Christian Domestic Discipline because that is not the relationship I live. If a Christian man punishes his wife because when they married she vowed to obey him AND gave her consent for him to punish her if she failed in her duties, then I […]

Blog Hop Interview – Tag You’re It!

  I was tagged for this blog post by the wonderful Sotia Lazu. Thank you! What are you working on right now? I have a series of books that feature the Connelly Witches. They are the magical descendants of the vampire and Gypsy in my paranormal historical novels Beneath the Shadows of Evil. The family made a vow to protect mankind from the evil that walks among us. Battling demons of course has its pitfalls and leads them on many adventures.  I am offering both books in the series at a low price running this month. The books are stand alone but you can better understand the history aspect if you start with Shattered Images. I worked yesterday to make a really nice family tree but couldn’t get the format to work! So now there is a family history list at the start. It tells who is who and who […]