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I was tagged for this blog post by the wonderful Sotia Lazu. Thank you!

What are you working on right now?

I have a series of books that feature the Connelly Witches. They are the magical descendants of the vampire and Gypsy in my paranormal historical novels Beneath the Shadows of Evil. The family made a vow to protect mankind from the evil that walks among us. Battling demons of course has its pitfalls and leads them on many adventures.  I am offering both books in the series at a low price running this month. The books are stand alone but you can better understand the history aspect if you start with Shattered Images. I worked yesterday to make a really nice family tree but couldn’t get the format to work! So now there is a family history list at the start. It tells who is who and who is human, a magical gypsy, a witch, a vampire, and who has mixed blood., etc. The family history clarifies things a bit. There are a lot of characters to keep straight.

You can buy the packaged deal of both books that are on sale this month here. The Connelly Witches

I’m also working on my first non fiction book called Taken in Hand. It’s a book that explains the ins and outs of domestic discipline and other power exchange relationships. I write weekly blog posts about various BDSM topics in order to teach and inform my readers. I get so many hits searching for domestic discipline so I thought it was time for a book on the subject.

How does it differ from other works in its genre?

I searched and found some non fiction books on BDSM and some on relationships both vanilla and non, but only one book similar to what Taken in Hand discusses. There is little out there on human sexuality, BDSM, and relationships rolled into one that is factual and nonfiction.
Why do you write what you do?

The kink information is written to teach. There is a lot of misinformation about kinks, fetishes, and BDSM relationships and I want to educate. I’m active in our local kink community and have gone to many classes and seminars as well as being in a domestic discipline relationship for close to 15 years. I want people to be informed so that can make safe and sane decisions.

As for the paranormal books, I love the whole magical aspect. I also enjoy writing male characters who are badly in need of reform, my books are dark, aside from the new Connelly witch series, and vampires and demons lend themselves to darkness. The historical aspect is just because I love history. I’ve traveled to many places around the world and just soak up the history of the places like a sponge. It sets off my Muse and a new book idea is born.
How does your writing process work?

I’m a fly by night writer. That doesn’t mean I writer at night, what I mean is I have so much to do with my day job that I have to find chunks of time when I can truly relax and immerse myself in my books. It normally doesn’t happen during the week. I can’t write when I’m stressed and tired. I do however often get ideas and plot bunnies while I soak in the tub for an hour after work.

I have never been a disciplined writer. I don’t set a goal for the day or decide I have to write at least 1000 or whatever words a day. My brain doesn’t work like that.

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Writer of historical paranormal romance, kinky historical romance, and BDSM Mistress and Sex Blogger. I hold the position of being one of Kinkly's Top 100 Sex Bloggers. Two of my books, Taken in Hand A Guide to Domestic Discipline and His Lordship's Wayward Wife, have been nominated as best BDSM Non Fiction and Best BDSM Historical books of the year. The awards ceremony will take place at the BDSM Writers Con in New York City this August.