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Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance Is Now $2.99 #PriceDrop #AnalSex

Primal Cravings: An Erotic BDSM Romance Is Now $2.99 #PriceDrop #AnalSex There is a new Beta pricing system on an authors Amazon’s book page for KDP. It tells you what other authors in that book genre historically have for their books and what it thinks your price should be at. It tells you it will take up to 72 hours to change it after you do, but it changed for me within the half hour. So, that means a lower price for you right now, our dear readers, if you would like to purchase a Kindle version of Primal Cravings right now. You can read two chapters of Primal Cravings for free right here on our website. That should add a good bit of zing! to your day.

Author Spotlight on Ju Ephraime 1 comment

An Exciting Love Story Filled with Unimaginable Passion & Intrigue Surrounding One Man’s Search for Undying True Love   Author Ju Ephraime brings back Jayden, a lead character from her bestselling and most loved novel, Temptation To Sin, in a sequel that shows how vulnerable a man can become when his prized relationship sours. In the sequel, Against All Odds, the hunky Jayden learns how to let his emotions go and embrace passion when he feels it most with a woman he can trust and love beyond his wildest dreams. Against All Odds by Ju Ephraime One man’s depression and distress over the ending of his long-term relationship sends him spiraling into the arms of a young, stunning barmaid that not only saves him from a life of loneliness, but convinces him it is possible to renew the fires of passion again – with the right person. Combining love and […]

Dining In: An Erotic Foodplay Story Is #FREE This Weekend and Monday

Click on the cover for Dining In and it will take you to the Amazon page to get your kinky fill of Dining In.  Dining In is a spicy taste of erotic food play that will titillate the body and the senses. Mia comes home after a long day at work to find erotic notes from her lover, Ethan. The notes lead Mia into a wonderfully erotic and very romantic evening of food, sex, and passion as Ethan feeds her a meal of sexually arousing foods in a highly erotic and sometimes devinely messy, manner. Each course is designed to stimulate Mia’s senses. leaving her aroused and craving more from her lover, until finally the ultimate dessert is served.

Author Spotlight on Christina Mandara

  Book Blurb: Meet Jenny. She’s rich, spoiled, rude and obnoxious. She’s also just been signed up for the BDSM ride of her life – without her consent. An intensive training course at the Albrecht Stables is not what it appears to be and training to become a human pony was not on Jenny’s to-do list. The trouble is, how do you escape when you’re tied up, gagged and constantly sexually aroused? Which Master or Mistress do you turn to for rescue? And what do you do if you suspect you might actually be enjoying yourself? This is Jenny’s adventure into the world of BDSM and pony play. She’s about to find out just how much effort it takes to become a pony girl and that she has no choice but to excel in every aspect of her training or she may never stand a chance of being released from […]

Author Spotlight on Penelope Syn #Kinky

Penelope Syn’s Author Bio “I am a slightly crazy girl and I often get tied up in things, and I know I don’t see the world the way other people do. I’ve always been a keen observer of people and relationships, and I have seen some very interesting things, and done a few! I love to write out my fantasies, desires, and dreams, and I firmly believe that just because something is different or unusual doesn’t make it bad; all that matters are love and respect. I hope you like them too, and maybe they open a window for you to see things a little bit differently too. Stay safe!” How I got into writing erotica…I’ve always been a bit of a nerd, really, and I’ve always tinkered with writing while I worked in IT. Many years ago I collaborated with a friend on a serious writing project that ended up going […]

His Lordship’s Wayward Wife #CoverReveal

A new kinky historical romance by Jolynn Raymond Coming June of 2014 Claudia Stafford lived a life of luxury in Victorian England. She was a rebellious and spoilt girl who thought only of herself, treating those below her station with contempt. After discovering the power of her womanly charms, she used them to her every advantage, spurning any suitors her mother deemed appropriate, in favor of those who offered excitement regardless of scandal. When her father returns from his job overseas, her life is suddenly turned upside down. Married to an Earl and shipped across the country, Claudia find herself in the role of those whom she has disdained. She is expected to be subservient and obedient, and saying no brings consequences Claudia never dreamed of. As the wife of a man who belongs to a secret society that takes the role of the dominant husband to new heights, Claudia is expected to be submissive in all […]

Elizabeth’s Destiny on Sale Wednesday at 8am PST

Elizabeth’s Destiny goes on sale for the Kindle Countdown deal tomorrow at 8am PST for .99 cents. You can have Elizabeth all to yourself starting tomorrow. Thursday the price goes up to $1.99, Friday to $2.99, and on Saturday it will be the regular price of $3.99. Click here to have Elizabeth for you own. Packed off by her mother and the church elders because of her rebellious nature, lovely Elizabeth Thornton finds herself living in India. She has been sent there to be trained as a Zenana missionary, but fate has other things in mind. Maxwell Harrison is a rogue with few morals. His job is to capture and train beautiful women in the art of sadistic passion for his cruel employer’s harem. He sets his sights on Elizabeth the moment he sees her, knowing she will be a golden treasure among the other women, a unique toy in […]

It’s Masochist Monday! 3 comments

Embrace the masochist in you by downloading a free copy of Sweet Agony. The book contains a collection of short BDSM stories that are sure to make you squirm in your seat and make your Monday much more exciting. Turn the pages to get a first hand look at what I do in a BDSM session. These stories are from a M/f point of view, but they are actual scenes I have done with my girls. I changed things up to appeal to those who want to get down and dirty with stories that feature a male Dom and a submissive female. These stories are gritty, real life fetish play. They cover play between a sadist and a masochist that involves clamps, caning, anal and oral sex, flogging, spanking, paddling, humiliation, dirty talk, food play, a wide variety of impact play from mild to heavy, role play, clit and pussy punishment, orgasm denial, and much more. They […]