Book Promo/ Sale

We Have A Winner

I’ve received the names of the winners for the Goodreads giveaway of Elizabeth’s Destiny. Conrats!! I’m sending them out to you this week. Now if you’re sitting there all frowny because you didn’t know about the chance to win a free book, then get busy and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or here. That way you won’t miss the good stuff.

Free Promo Day!

My new book, Dark Obsessions, can be download for free today and tomorrow. Time to get out that new Kindle or laptop and load it up with some kinky goodness. Dark Obsessions features short BDSM stories that feature Female/female characters involved in kinky play. The stories are written based on actual scenes, and my lovely wife Beauty even has one written for her. A very spicy read indeed.

Dark Obsessions

My new collection of BDSM erotica is now available on Amazon. This book has Female/female pairings, and is of the same type, meaning kinky short stories, as the BDSM erotic short stories in Sweet Agony.  If you enjoyed Sweet Agony, I hope you’ll give Dark Obsessions a try. Wouldn’t it make the perfect stocking stuff for the kinky ebook readers on your list?

Free Day!

Today I am very thankful for those who support me in my writing and my wonderful readers.To show my appreciation, I have made two of my books free. If you missed out on the last free days for Lessons of Love or Sweet Agony, now is your chance. Both will be free today. Have a bit of steamy erotica or delicious kink with your turkey or curl up with a good book after you shoo the relatives out the door.

Just Twelve More Days!

Just Twelve More Days! Are you curious about what Elizabeth’s Destiny might be? What will happen to change her life forever? The answer to these questions and many more will soon be revealed. Elizabeth’s Destiny is in the final stages of editing and will be released on Thanksgiving. Give yourself a gift before the crazy days of holiday shopping begin. Jolynn

“Elizabeth’s Destiny”

Elizabeth’s Destiny Before Thanksgiving, my next historical romance, “Elizabeth’s Destiny” will be out. I’m working on it right now to get it ready for you. It’s been edited over the half way point, and I’m also looking to publish it in print form as well as for Kindle. I’ve been scouring pictures for the cover art, since I have a particular look in mind for it.