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Sweet Agony: A Collection of BDSM Erotica

Sweet Agony: A Collection of BDSM Erotica

Embrace the masochist in you by downloading a free copy of Sweet Agony. The book contains a collection of short BDSM stories that are sure to make you squirm in your seat and make your Monday much more exciting. Turn the pages to get a first hand look at what I do in a BDSM session. These stories are from a M/f point of view, but they are actual scenes I have done with my girls. I changed things up to appeal to those who want to get down and dirty with stories that feature a male Dom and a submissive female. These stories are gritty, real life fetish play. They cover play between a sadist and a masochist that involves clamps, caning, anal and oral sex, flogging, spanking, paddling, humiliation, dirty talk, food play, a wide variety of impact play from mild to heavy, role play, clit and pussy punishment, orgasm denial, and much more. They also include after care which should never be forgotten. Come explore the world of BDSM play where dominants and submissives unleash their dark desires through orchestrated play sessions that will make your mind spin and your body want more.

Sweet Agony and the companions book Dark Obsessions which is Female/female Lesbian BDSM can be found on Amazon. Click the links below. Both are available in paperback. Just click on the tab for paperback purchases. Please note that only the kindle/PC version of Sweet Agony is free.

Click here to download a free copy of Sweet Agony for your PC or Kindle.

Click here to purchase a copy of Dark Obsessions

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