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Saturday’s Topic… Punishment vs Funishment Spanking

The topic of spanking keeps popping up in the search box, and that tells me my readers are seeking more information on the subject of spanking. Tomorrow I will discuss the difference between punishment and funishment spanking, implements, positions, and the big difference in general between spanking for fun and spanking for discipline.

Fetishes, Kinks, and Desires, Oh My! 2 comments

Fetishes, Kinks, and Desires, Oh My! What do all those fetish terms mean and do people really do that? Oh yes, yes they do, and they have a lot of fun. Whether it’s an activity, a relationship role, a toy, or something that feeds the pleasure center of their brains and fulfills a fantasy, people do all sorts of things to capture that feeling that makes their body come alive. Some may seem very strange, some may make you cringe, some make you feel disgusted, but to someone else it spells out pleasure. In the kink community, we try not to judge. Just because your fetish makes me squeamish or makes me say “No way would I do that!”, as long as all who participate do it with consent and are of legal age, then it isn’t my right to bash it. We are unique, and so are our fetishes […]

A Standing Ovation 1 comment

Once again I feel the need to stand up and cheer for my wonderful readers. Everyone who comes to read this blog and those who buy my books, are helping to make my dream of being a well read writer, a reality. Thank you for the support and enthusiasm you show me everyday. My book list now includes 6 titles and the Saturday kink topic is becoming a popular piece. My desire to educate and to entertain other with the power of my words is being fulfuilled, so Thank you!

Saturday’s Topic

This is going to be a busy weekend. We are having a CFNM party. For those of you who are new to kink, CFNM stands for clothed women, nude men. This is a giant leap into the world of our fun kinky lifestyle. It comes out of order since I was building up with the basics, but since we are having the party, it fits in now. And so my friends, if you’d like a little peek inside a wonderfully kinky kind of party, tune in on Saturday. Oh, and I bet you are REALLY curious why a lesbian would hold a party where naked men run around and serve us.

Something from the Mailbag

Something from the Mailbag I have a question from Jean about BDSM. I decided to post this here so more of you would see it. I also want to encourage others to go ahead and ask if you have something on your mind. Jean asks: My question is about my past few experiences with my husband involving bdsm. The first experience I pretty much did what he required of me. Without having done any real reading about it, it remained loving and disciplined. On to the next I experienced a very real desire to test him openly. Breaking rules, etc. It was very easy for me to realize that in my mind, it was a mind game. I felt I was getting what I wanted in the first place and that these rules were not sufficient. So, I egged him on. If a rule was made, it became my next […]

Mistress, submissive, slave, Master, Owner, toy, Daddy, bottom, top …

What the heck do all these different titles mean? The topic of Saturday’s kinky post will be defining the different roles and titles people in BDSM relationships identify with. there are an infinite number, so I will only address the most common ones. Tune in if this new topic makes you say hummm….. interesting. See you then!

Saturdays Have Just Become Better!

In an effort to continue providing knowledgable information to those who are interested in BDSM or just a bit of kinky sex, I will be starting to have a topic of the week post on Saturdays. I hope to generate some discussion, but my main goal will be to educate. There is so much misinformation in porn, on so called BDSM websites, and in some of the popular books out there now days and it really bothers me that most never touch on safety, communication, learning, aftercare, and much of the other stuff you need to know if you are curious or just starting out. Hell, I’m still learning techniques after 10+ years. I will post on topics such as: Power Exchange Relationships, the different kinds of submission, submissive vs slave, Master, Mistress, Daddy, Dom, Domme, who the heck is who and what do they mean?, safety and a properly stocked first aid kit, aftercare, red flags, […]

We Have a BDSM Question ABout Me!

We Have a BDSM Question ABout Me! Well my wife seems to think people might want to know the how and why of my decision to take on the role of a Mistress in the BDSM lifestyle. I think perhaps that is something better written about in the Ask Jolynn section of this blog. Those who wanted to know can find out all about it by clicking on the link for Ask Jolynn. Hum… this morning I guess it will be coffee and the story of allowing my dark side to run free.