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Fetishes, Kinks, and Desires, Oh My! 2 comments

Fetishes, Kinks, and Desires, Oh My! What do all those fetish terms mean and do people really do that? Oh yes, yes they do, and they have a lot of fun. Whether it’s an activity, a relationship role, a toy, or something that feeds the pleasure center of their brains and fulfills a fantasy, people do all sorts of things to capture that feeling that makes their body come alive. Some may seem very strange, some may make you cringe, some make you feel disgusted, but to someone else it spells out pleasure. In the kink community, we try not to judge. Just because your fetish makes me squeamish or makes me say “No way would I do that!”, as long as all who participate do it with consent and are of legal age, then it isn’t my right to bash it. We are unique, and so are our fetishes […]