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Elizabeth’s Destiny Excerpt

Since so many of you enjoyed my putting an excerpt from “Taken” in a post, I decided that I’d do the same for all the books. I’ll start with one of my kinky historical romance “Elizabeth’s Destiny”. Maxwell stalked around the edge of the pool like a panther, sleek body moving with cat like¬†grace, ready to spring on his prey. Everywhere Beth turned, he cut off her escape, quickly and efficiently by merely walking around and around. She went to the center, knowing she was trapped, shaking her head, splashing water at him in desperation. Maxwell sneered at her futile attempts to fend him off, and scooped up a sponge and some soap. He jumped in, ignoring the water she splashed his way, dropping the things he carried so he could wrap his arms around her and crush her body to his. Maxwell managed to get one arm around her […]

A Standing Ovation 1 comment

Once again I feel the need to stand up and cheer for my wonderful readers. Everyone who comes to read this blog and those who buy my books, are helping to make my dream of being a well read writer, a reality. Thank you for the support and enthusiasm you show me everyday. My book list now includes 6 titles and the Saturday kink topic is becoming a popular piece. My desire to educate and to entertain other with the power of my words is being fulfuilled, so Thank you!