Daily Archives: February 6, 2013

Saturdays Have Just Become Better!

In an effort to continue providing knowledgable information to those who are interested in BDSM or just a bit of kinky sex, I will be starting to have a topic of the week post on Saturdays. I hope to generate some discussion, but my main goal will be to educate. There is so much misinformation in porn, on so called BDSM websites, and in some of the popular books out there now days and it really bothers me that most never touch on safety, communication, learning, aftercare, and much of the other stuff you need to know if you are curious or just starting out. Hell, I’m still learning techniques after 10+ years. I will post on topics such as: Power Exchange Relationships, the different kinds of submission, submissive vs slave, Master, Mistress, Daddy, Dom, Domme, who the heck is who and what do they mean?, safety and a properly stocked first aid kit, aftercare, red flags, […]