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Let My Kinky Freedom Ring! 1 comment

    Let My Kinky Freedom Ring Today is the day we celebrate the birth of freedom in our country, and it’s finally time for me to celebrate new freedoms too. I have gained the liberty to express my sexuality as well as the freedom to be kinky, and boy does it feel good. I have retired, and we are moving to Florida, where the fetish clubs are licensed, and the views are more liberal. Self-censorship was hard. I smothered myself and my wife because I needed to toe the line and present myself as an upstanding vanilla do-gooder, to conform to the morality clause in the contract that governed me for 31 years. Now there is no need to hide the fact that I am a lesbian who is extremely kinky and writes books that contain kinky smut, BDSM, and how to domesticate and discipline your wife. I can […]

As One Door Closes 2 comments

    As One Door Closes   Something happened last Thursday. It was a monumental change in my life that I have been waiting for. I can’t believe the day finally arrived. I mean, it seems like yesterday when I began the journey, but now that time in my life has arrived, I’m a bit stunned. The door has closed on that chapter of my life, never to be gone through again. I couldn’t be happier, even though Beauty had to comfort me when I started sobbing at some ridiculous thing on the TV the evening of the big change. I mean I am happy! Hell yes, but change is hard. I have closed the door on my career of 31 years. It was a big part of me. I’m free to be Jolynn Raymond the Mistress and writer. The chains of my working self have come off, and I […]

Why The Shame for Hard Limits? 2 comments

Why the Shame for Hard Limits? In the kink community, a limit is something you will not agree to in a BDSM interaction, and no responsible dominant or submissive should ever skip the conversation about what are serious limits when getting to know each other or planning to play. Limits are more than important, they are what define the edge of a person’s cravings and tolerance for BDSM play and roles. The concept of limits gets tossed around in the kink community all the time. Some dominants seem to think pushing past a submissive’s limits is akin to a challenge, and submissives often feel shame or a loss of value for what they won’t agree to do. Both are troubling to me. It doesn’t matter why something is a limit, and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. If it makes you say no, it’s the end of conversation unless you […]