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Being New In The BDSM Scene

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For this post I am going to include some helpful links for those new to the BDSM scene to help get you started, and on your way. The articles can also be for Kinksters wanting to get a refresher on BDSM etiquette. Jolynn has some handy tips that apply to everyone.

Navigating The Waters of BDSM

Is All BDSM Sexual

A Beginners Toybag

How To Negotiate A Scene

Aftercare and BDSM Play

If you want to read more, you can go to the BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archive.

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Once a wild brat that couldn’t be tamed, I have been in a 24/7 DD, D/s relationship since July 14, 2011. We had a collaring ceremony lead by Mistress Joanne and attended by friends. I’m only submissive to Jolynn. Every day I run our business, and anything else so Jolynn can write her books in peace and quiet when she has time. I am the housewife, secretary, publicist, pet parent, and doer of good deeds, squirrel, and fueled by caffeine. Redbull gives me wings to fly through the internets. It is my drink of choice, and it's what's for breakfast. I tend to put my foot in mouth, and will say things without thinking; so if I offend anyone, it's not intentional. I am blunt and to the point, and don't have an inner monologue. According to Jolynn, I don’t have an off button. She keeps trying to find it on the top of my head. I have an off the wall sense of humor; more often than not I am impulsive, a little loud, and sometimes obnoxious. But that's just me.

4 thoughts on “N is for Newbie #SpankA2Z

  • annapurna1951


    Thank you for your resources.

    Truthfully, though, I won’t be negotiating a scene anytime soon. I have a life partner for that. Personally, BDSM and love are married in my mind. What other people do and how they express themselves, however, are of their own choosing and concern, with no opinion of mine ever needed, or desired.

    I read with interest one resource: “Is All BDSM Sexual?”

    In my opinion, it is if I’m allowed to draw a distinction between covert and overt sexuality.

    Covertly, a scene my exclude all outward manifestations of sexuality, but that doesn’t necessarily make it devoid of all Eros. I believe our fetish is driven by an unconscious drive emanating from our libidinal urges, whether we are aware of it or act it out sexually. Our ego defense mechanisms, such as repression, denial, or rationalization, among others, may keep such carnal strivings from ever reaching awareness.

    Overtly, some of us do incorporate sex into our scenes at one point or another. The BDSM literature is full of it, so there’s no need to discuss it further.

    If time permitted, I assume a spirited discussion might ensue.

    • JolynnRaymond

      Well I hope you found them helpful and pleasurable all at the same time. If you haven’t yet, I wish you a fabulous time. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment as well.

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