Some Lessons are Hard

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Once upon a time is over rated, especially if you were a woman.

If you were a woman, you were property.

If you were a woman, you had no rights, only obligations.

If you were a woman, your family chose who you would marry.

If you were a woman, rape was shameful and an embarrassment.

If you were a woman you were required to give your husband his marital rights… always.

If you were a woman, your husband could discipline you in any way he saw fit.

But… there were still some happily ever afters.

With all of the things above stacked against you, it’s amazing that anyone found true love.

Jolie was a young woman who had a cruel stepfather.

Jolie was a woman who longed for someone to care for her.

Jolie was a young woman who desperately wished to live a different life.

And then she met Cole.

Cole was a man with a hard past that gave him a cold heart.

Cole was a man who had no reason to like, let alone love women.

Cole was a man who used the anger his upbringing taught him in very dubious ways.

Cole was a man who had no moral or compassion.

And then he met Jolie.

The two begin a path to love that is begun on lies. Jolie hates what Cole is, and he only wants her for her good name. Forced into marriage, Jolie knows that she must do the best she can because “Until death do us part.” is a reality in the 1800’s. As they struggle to change the other into what each desperately needs, the hint of love begins to appear. Cole is an anti hero who won’t win any popularity votes, and Jolie is just a young woman grasping at the fragile strands of affection she is shown in a life that has been cold for far too long. Can Jolie’s gentleness and innocence heal Cole’s heart?

Just as the two are finding love, fate interferes and refuses to let their path to love be a smooth one. Can the love that was so fragile survive the hatred of another who wishes to tear them apart and ruin what has begun? This once upon a time has thorns. My hero is gritty and not a man you can easily love. My heroine loves so easily because it has been denied her for far too long. What will happen when they must fight against all odds to be together?

For that you will have to turn the page and see.

Lessons of Love takes place when women had no rights.

Lessons of Love includes spanking discipline.

Lessons of Love will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Lessons of Love will keep you turning those pages until the end.

Lessons of Love by Jolynn Raymond is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback


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