Hot Bottoms Can Melt Snow #SatSpanks

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Today’s snippet comes from a short story I wrote a little while back for Winter Spanks. I’m planning on creating a book of short stories that are lighter on the kink and heavier on the domestic discipline in a F/f home like this one does.

We find Lizzie and Jess standing in the snow near the car Jess has very recently driven off the road and down an embankment in a snowstorm. Jess had ventured out to get a special birthday present she’d ordered for Lizzie despite the fact that it was snowing like hell. She’d called Lizzie a little bit ago to come and get her after she’d plowed down the embankment and smashed the car, stopping just shy of the half frozen creek. To say Lizzie wasn’t pleased with the situation is putting it mildly.

“Get out of the car Jess.”

Knowing better than to defy her, Jess slid out from behind the wheel and Lizzie grasped her chin hard, forcing her to look up and into her eyes. “What you did was reckless, thoughtless, dangerous, and foolish. You could have been killed or worse, or you could have killed someone else. Turn around, bend over, and put your hands on the seat.”

“What? Now? Lizzie, it’s freezing. Can’t we please wait?’

“Yes it’s freezing and no this won’t wait, so do as you’re told. You’re the one who chose to come out in this weather, so you damn well better take the consequence without another word.”

This story isn’t for sale at the present time, but you can find other wicked spanking tales here.

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