Daily Archives: February 26, 2014

Creating Balance in Your Domestic Discipline Relationship #WickedWednesday 26 comments

Because the prompt for Wicked Wednesday was balance, I decided to repost this article which sums up the need for balance in any D/s relationship. The people who are involved in domestic discipline and power exchange relationships will often tell those who question their lifestyle choice that the addition of structure and discipline has brought them much closer. While there will always be naysayers and those who remain skeptical, those of us who live in these types of relationships will undoubtedly insist that it’s true. The act of giving guidance, creating structure, holding someone accountable, seeing to their every need including the need for discipline, creates a special bond. There are no long periods of resentment, unresolved anger, or holding on to things that fester and gnaw at a relationship. Issues arise, they are handled in a way that both people find not only acceptable, but desirable, and the problem […]

Inaugural Dungeon Crawl #OnYourKnees 22 comments

  It’s our inaugural Dungeon Crawl, and crawl you will. {The Dungeon Crawl is inactive at the moment, all the posts are there for your reading pleasure.} This is more of a tease from Sweet Agony. Nicholas has Amelia on her stomach on a pillow, and he must punish her more before she can get what she wants. He couldn’t wait to fuck her, but first she had to be punished. Nicholas roughly fucked her bottom with the butt plug until Amelia was caught between whimpering in pain and moaning in pleasure. The nasty things he did to her, never ceased to drive her wild. The fact that she loved every one of them made her question her own sanity at times. Her whole world revolved around the delicious sensations he was creating in her body. Nicholas began to move the plug slowly, deeply, gently until she rocked her hips in rhythm, […]