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RTK Dungeon Crawl

RTK Dungeon Crawl

It’s our inaugural Dungeon Crawl, and crawl you will.

{The Dungeon Crawl is inactive at the moment, all the posts are there for your reading pleasure.}

This is more of a tease from Sweet Agony. Nicholas has Amelia on her stomach on a pillow, and he must punish her more before she can get what she wants.

He couldn’t wait to fuck her, but first she had to be punished.

Nicholas roughly fucked her bottom with the butt plug until Amelia was caught between whimpering in pain and moaning in pleasure. The nasty things he did to her, never ceased to drive her wild. The fact that she loved every one of them made her question her own sanity at times. Her whole world revolved around the delicious sensations he was creating in her body.

Nicholas began to move the plug slowly, deeply, gently until she rocked her hips in rhythm, on the verge of a powerful climax. She was dying to ride the wave that would crest and send her crashing over the edge. Her juices were running down her thighs, her clit was throbbing with need, her nipples were hard pebbles pressed into the cool sheet beneath her body. Every inch of her skin was alive with a throbbing sensation of need and desire. Amelia pulled on her restraints and rocked her hips again, unable to help herself.

Angered by her continued disobedience, Nicholas pulled back on her hair and growled in her ear, nipping the tender lobe. “Why must you be so willful? No moving and no cumming.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re not even close to being sorry yet kitten, but you will be. Gonna warm that little ass of yours right up till it’s on fire love, then I’m gonna fuck you so hard, pet. You’ll scream so loud they’ll hear you down in hell. Such a naughty whore. My slut is gonna get it hard and nasty just like she needs, and she’s gonna scream my name as she comes.”

Amelia loved it when Nicholas spanked her and told her how rough he was going to be. It was one reason she never did as she was told. She was always defiant, always moved when she wasn’t supposed to or spoke when Nicholas told her not to. Yes it was hard to control herself when she was so hot she could barely think, but the real reason she disobeyed was because the feel of his hard hand or the smooth leather of the belt warming up her ass sent delicious bolts of fire to her very core. The pain was exquisite and the way he would growl at her and rough her up, turned her on to no end. Sometimes just the pain alone made her cum.

There was another reason Amelia yearned to be punished, and it had nothing to do with sex. When Nicholas spanked her – really hit her good and hard until tears were streaming down her cheeks – the dam of emotions that built up in her soul burst open, letting all the stress of the day spill over, and setting her free. More likely than not, her days were full of tension at work. She carried a huge amount of responsibility and stress on her shoulders. It was stress she had a hard time letting go of, and Nicholas knew it. He knew how she felt, and knew the stress would flow out with her tears. The inner torment would be washed away when she came and cried. Doing this to her body soothed her soul as much as any words or loving touches could, possibly even more.

But now the time for reflection was over. Here she was, presented so beautifully, ready to yield to his hand and cum at his will. Nicholas gazed at Amelia’s perfect body for a few more seconds as she lay there quivering before him, letting his own need build ever stronger. He was very interested in finding out how long she could hold back her orgasm with the plug in place. She always went wild when fucked in her ass, and the large plug was buried to the hilt inside her like his thick cock. Mixing anal penetration with a good hard spanking would surely drive her mad.

Nicholas picked up the paddle from the dresser and went to his lady love. God she was magnificent, lying there trembling with fear and need, her skin a perfect unblemished canvas. Well he was going to turn her pale skin a glowing crimson red. He laid the paddle on her bottom and Amelia moaned. She had a love/hate relationship with the wooden paddle that he was well aware of. Nicholas ran the smooth cool wood back and forth across her ass watching her skin quiver in anticipation.

“Do you want me to spank you, kitten?”


“Has baby been a bad girl?”

“Yes, God yes. So, so bad.”

“I agree. You were a tease last night when you knew I had too much work to do. I had to make so many business calls but you decided to play the strumpet. You kept brushing past me, naughty fingers trailing over my ass and cock while I was on the phone with a client. Such a dirty slut you were, Amelia. Did you do it because you knew I’d make you pay for your behavior? I didn’t have time last night but I certainly do now. Is this what you were looking for?”

“No I… I don’t know. Please Nicholas.” Her mind was in a whirl because of the fire raging in every nerve of her body. She couldn’t think, couldn’t reply.

“No lying kitten. Hum, being a slut and telling lies. I would say you deserve this.”

Amelia moaned again. “Yes, yes, please Nicholas.”

Nicholas smiled. She was right where he wanted her. Primed and ready for anything. The need was consuming her, all else had faded from her mind. “Remember Amelia, there will be no cumming without permission.”

“I won’t.”

“I think you might. The pain makes you burn inside love. It heats up your pussy and makes you so very, very, hot. And this…” Nicholas twisted the butt plug and Amelia let out a whoosh of air. “This is going to make it all that much harder to keep yourself from going over the edge.”

Nicholas brought the paddle down right on the center of her ass, low and hard. Amelia cried out as it grazed her nether lips and sent an agonizing fire spreading across her bottom. She tensed, then her body went slack as she relinquished all control to her lover. Nicholas went to work and Amelia pulled against the cuffs and ropes that bound her, not trying to move away from the stinging blows, but to try and arch into them. Tears began to fall from her eyes as she bit her lip to hold back a wail of pain, but she was also becoming hotter by the second.

He’d been tormenting her for so long. First the painting of the honey, then the oh, so slow exquisite torture of him licking it off. That followed by his nasty words, teasing fingers, and the plug in her ass made her crazed. She writhed on the bed as much as her bindings would allow, tossing her head, causing the blindfold to slip from her eyes, whimpering, then crying out in agony and ecstasy, fighting the need to cum. It was a losing battle but still she fought, she had to: cumming wasn’t allowed. To make matters worse, Nicholas kept up a stream of dirty talk as he paddled her backside, right cheek, left cheek, down to the tops of her thighs, then right in the middle of her ass again, the nasty naughties he hissed priming her cunt like a pump.

He told her how hard he was going to fuck her and how much she was going to love it. Nicholas told her he was going to hold her blazing cheeks apart and fuck her in her tight ass until she passed out from cumming again and again. He was hard and throbbing as he watched Amelia’s creamy skin turn rosy as her head toss back and forth while she cried into the pillow. His own need fueled the menacing hiss in his words.

“Such a beautiful ass you have Amelia, just made for spanking and fucking. Tonight I’m going to fuck you every way a man can. I’m going to give it to you good while you whimper and cry. Going to fuck you so hard when I put my cock in your ass, my sweet slut, that you’ll beg me to stop, and then pray I never will. I’m going to pound it to you good, because that’s what you like. You love it when I fuck you so hard that you can’t see straight don’t you baby? Do you want it Amelia? Do you want me to fuck your needy little pussy? Should I take you on the floor while your poor sore ass rubs against the carpet? Or maybe I should put you on your hands and knees, fucking harder and harder until your knees buckle. Going to fuck you good and proper Amelia, all… night… long.”

“Oh God, Nicholas.” Her breath came in little hiccups and her hips were rocking along with every blow. Amelia felt the hot tide of her orgasm welling up inside her. Nicholas saw her juices flooding her thighs, saw her body tense in response to her building orgasm, and suddenly stopped. He reached out and pressed a cool hand on her blazing skin, making Amelia moan. Nicholas squeezed her crimson cheeks, and Amelia let out a wail and ground her hips into the bed.

“You are not to cum, Amelia.”

“Please Nicholas, Oh God please. I have to.” She rubbed her swollen clit on the sheets again desperately needing contact.

“Do that again love and you won’t sit for a week. I think it’s time for a new game.”

“Noooooooooo! Now Nicholas, please let me cum. I don’t want to play anymore. Fuck me.”

Nicholas’s hand shot out and grabbed Amelia’s hair, twisting his fist in her curls and yanking back her head. “Such a bad girl tonight, Amelia. So defiant. I know what you need, and I will decide when our game is over. No more back-talk, or you won’t be cumming until morning. I can do this all night.”

“Please, Nicholas, I’m sorry. Need to cum. Please, need to cum.” Amelia ground down on the bed once more, the fire inside fueling her defiance. Nicholas pulled her hair tighter, then traced a finger along her jawline as he tsk at her behavior.

“Baby’s being bad. I have just the thing for that needy cunt.”

Nicholas untied her quickly and flipped Amelia back over. He crawled between her legs, his chest pressing on her clit as he reached up and roughly kneaded her breasts, pinching and twisting the nipples hard enough to make Amelia wince. Moving up, he suckled each nipple in turn, bathing the tortured peaks. Amelia curled her fingers in Nicholas’ hair, wanting to keep his mouth upon her nipple, but Nicholas had other ideas. He brought his head up and looked into her eyes, loving the wild passion he saw there. He lapped each nipple in turn as he stared into her eyes, licking, sucking, then nipping hard, making Amelia cry out as the pain and pleasure melded into one. She was so close, oh so close, and Nicholas knew it. He delved his fingers inside her sopping pussy and brought them up to wet her nipples, then bent down and slowly licked Amelia’s juices off her nipples.

“God you taste heavenly, pet. Delicious and delicate, honey and spice.” He dipped her fingers inside Amelia once more, and brought them to her lips. He coated them with his wet fingers, and then kissed her, his tongue swirling and filling Amelia’s mouth with the sweet taste of her own need. She felt the heat of her passion rolling in her belly, and bucked up against Nicholas.

“Amelia don’t you dare.”

“Nicholas, oh God, please. Have to cum, have to cum so bad.”

Nicholas moved down her body nipping and squeezing, roughly yanking her thighs apart as far as they could go. He shoved her feet up and over his shoulders then picked up something he’d secreted on the bed with a wicked smile.

“What?” Amelia’s blindfold had slipped with the tossing of her head and she saw the miniature leather slapper in Nicholas’s hands.

“Time to use a new toy, kitten. Seeing as how you’re such a naughty girl all the time, I decided paddling your sweet little bottom wasn’t enough. This, love, is for your pussy.” Nicholas slapped the small leather paddle onto his hand. It made a loud cracking noise, making Amelia jump and try to wiggle back, but her legs were hooked on Nicholas’s shoulders. He wasn’t about to let her go anywhere.

“Nicholas no, too much, no.” There was fear in her voice and Nicholas smiled. True it was something new, and yes it would burn like hell, but he hadn’t done anything to Amelia yet that she hadn’t ended up loving.

“Just a little, pet. You’ve been such a very naughty girl. I think you’ll like this. I’ll stop if it’s too much. Just say the word.”

It was this gentleness that always crept in when they played their dark games that made her allow him to do all these nasty things to her. Nicholas used her body hard, but his tender side always was there behind the face of the twisted, evil man. Amelia let him abuse her body because she knew that Nicholas would stop if she asked. Not the simple begging from a painful spanking asking, but the if she was in serious pain and couldn’t take it anymore asking. He never went too far though, because he knew her so well. He was a skilled master at mixing pain and pleasure, and Amelia always wanted more.

Amelia nodded, her pussy needing contact, any kind of contact, and Nicholas brought the little crop down on her baby smooth lips.

“Oh God.” Amelia hissed. The pain was incredibly intense but it also stimulated her clit that was swollen and dying for attention. The sting sent a bolt of fire blazing through her body and spiraling through her. Nicholas hit her pussy again, right on her nub and she cried out, bucking convulsively, almost cumming from the sweet agony. He paused for a moment then smiled when she whimpered and mewled, her legs trembling, her head thrashing, her lips silently begging for more.

“Do you want to cum, Amelia? Do you want me to punish your little cunt some more?” He brought the crop down with a flurry of little slaps right on her clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh……..Ohhhhhh yes, please Nicholas. Yes.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No.. don’t stop, please. No. I want to cum. Need to cum. God you’re evil. So bad. So wicked. Make me cum like this. Please, please.” Nicholas rained tiny blows upon her swollen cunt and twisted the plug in her blazing hot bottom with his other hand and Amelia went wild.

“Please. Please. AAGGHHHHH!!!! Please, please, please.” White hot bursts of pain were erupting from her core along with intense pleasure. Amelia had never felt anything like it before. “Again, oh God Nicholas, again, again. Right there oh God please, please, let me cum, please, please aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, God Nicholas!!!!!!!”

Sweet Agony: A Collection of BDSM Erotica

To see if Amelia got to cum, you can read more about them in Sweet Agony.

I know that’s a little sadistic, but a girl’s gotta have some fun.

You can visit the other dungeon’s by going below.

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