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Clit Punishment and Pleasure 5 comments

I am sure this post will be a bit too far out there for some of you. I have chosen to speak about it because it keeps popping up in what people are searching for. As always, I want to educate. If you’re here for my books, please move on to another page. I am still dismayed by the number of people who are searching for forced anal rape or forced anal punishment, but I have said enough about it. Forced anal = rape, period. My only hope is that those who desire to know more read what I have written, and change their views. The subject of clit punishment comes up quite often as well. For the record, there are a million and one other ways to correct or discipline your domestic discipline wives, submissives or slaves. Intensive clit play can be made enjoyable so that through the pain their is intense pleasure, so much […]

How To Negotiate a Scene 3 comments

How To Negotiate a Scene I am going to approach this from the standpoint that two people be they top/bottom, dominant/submissive, sadist/masochist, or whatever term you are comfortable and identify with have already gotten to know each other to some extent. I do not condone any type of play or power exchange between two people who have just met. So… you have been going to munches and have met someone of interest, you have had an online relationship for a few months and are ready to meet in person, or you have a desire to learn about or experience some type of play and have been introduced to someone in the community who is skilled and trusted. Now what? Questions asked by the top: Where can’t I touch you on your body? – This simple question will save both parties a hell of a lot of grief. Not where can I touch you, […]

A Question From the Mailbag on Enjoying Pain

I received a question from the mailbag and it’s a good one. Those who are not kinky, find it difficult to understand those of us who are. My husband and l are in continues pain so how is getting pain from someone whipping and spanking you so exotic, or even sexual. I know what it feels like and it does not turn me on at all.              maryann There are people who are masochistic. That means they enjoy pain, but that doesn’t mean they enjoy all pain. During BDSM play, there are endorphins released in the brain in response to the sensation being felt. The brain is reacting to the painful stimulus, and releases this chemical that produces a floaty feeling or adrenaline and gives a rush. When engaged in play, the person who is on the receiving end often experiences something we refer to as subspace. This comes […]

Guest Posts

In a couple of weeks I will be posting BDSM articles by guest bloggers. There are many aspects that I am unfamiliar with, but that in no way makes them something that shouldn’t be covered in a blog dedicated to providing factual information about BDSM and kink. The first two posts will be about Poly Relationship and what that really means, and CBT aka cock and ball torture. I feel quite unable to accurately inform my readers on these subjects.  There are other areas in which I am somewhat in the dark as well, such as latex, puppy/pony play, humiliation (consensual), and cross dressing to name a few. I welcome emails from readers who feel they could compose a factual post on these subjects as well.   I will also be resuming my regular posts. Life has just been crazy busy.

A Title change

Shattered Images has now become The Connely Witches… shattered Images due to confusion with my book and another with a similar title. Here is the new buy link. The Connelly Witches… Shattered Images

A New Paranormal Romance Featuring the Connelly Witches

 In Shattered Images, Jolynn Raymond introduced the Connelly Witches. A family whose magic dates back hundreds of years. They have been entrusted with keeping the world safe from the demons who would prey on mankind. As they struggle to hold true to their legacy, they often must fight to save their own family from destruction by those intent on unleashing evil upon the world. Love and magic bind them all together as surely as the responsibility entrusted to their family. When Rachel Connelly turns her back on her magic, there are serious consequences, one of which puts her daughter in grave danger.               Shattered images Available Here In A Past Undone, Raven Connelly falls through a time portal back to the year 1890. There is a familiar demon waiting for her there, but she has no memory of him, or her family. The remaining Connelly Witches must band together to battle along side Alex Ashford, a […]

A Vampire Trilogy of Evil and Redemption

The Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy by Jolynn Raymond First there was Taken… Alliana was a young Gypsy woman stolen from her family, she was to be used and discarded, but fate had other ideas. Mikhal was the cruel and evil vampire lord, he was to be feared and despised for all of time, but destiny wouldn’t allow it. Then there was Torn… Mikhal never intended to care for Alliana, and she never intended to forgive him for the cruelty he inflicted upon her. Once love began to enter his heart, he vowed to make his unwilling bride happy in her new life. Try as he might to convince her he had changed, Alliana’s heart remained torn between the pain her heart could not forget and the tenderness Mikhal now showed her. Now there is Treasured… The evil his past created, threatens their fragile bond and all they hold […]

My Absence/ Accident

I have been in the habit of posting a weekly BDSM topic so people interested in BDSM and kinky play can make wise and informed decision. I failed to post last week and may not post this weekend either because our lives have been hectic. We were hit by a semi truck while driving on the interstate (not our fault). The car is toast, Beauty, myself, and Niles the wonder dog are pretty much okay. Niles could use some good doggy therapy but we have no local dog whisperer. The vet has put him of Xanax and Prozac because he was traumatized. Being stuck in a car in the middle of an interstate as cars and trucks go by for almost 2 hours, having firemen in big hats working to get beauty’s door open and opening the door by him, hearing lots of sirens really close to his doggy ears, and being carried to a sheriff’s squad […]