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Clit Punishment and Pleasure 5 comments

I am sure this post will be a bit too far out there for some of you. I have chosen to speak about it because it keeps popping up in what people are searching for. As always, I want to educate. If you’re here for my books, please move on to another page. I am still dismayed by the number of people who are searching for forced anal rape or forced anal punishment, but I have said enough about it. Forced anal = rape, period. My only hope is that those who desire to know more read what I have written, and change their views. The subject of clit punishment comes up quite often as well. For the record, there are a million and one other ways to correct or discipline your domestic discipline wives, submissives or slaves. Intensive clit play can be made enjoyable so that through the pain their is intense pleasure, so much […]