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Who Will Be The Lucky Winner of A Signed Copy of “Torn”?

Who Will Be The Lucky Winner of the June 1st – July 1st Giveaway!! One lucky winner will get a signed copy of “Torn: Beneath the Shadows of Evil” (Second book in the series). The next book in the trilogy comes out on July 1st; you can collect them all. Enter to win on my Facebook fan page; not my personal page. There is a Rafflecopter widget I put up there now for contests. The first one starts this Saturday, June 1st. Good luck on the contest and we’ll see who the lucky winner is on July 1st!

Illegal Pirating

The following website has stolen my books. They have some long disclaimer about how I need to prove that the files belong to me and blah, blah, blah. They say I must accept attorney fees if it cost them anything to defend themselves for having pirated books downloadable for their site. Please stand up for writers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their books. The time I spend writing is joyous, but it is also hard work. My stories come from my heart and soul. Email this site and tell them what they are doing is wrong, and spread the word! If we bombard them with email we just may get them to stop their piracy and illegal downloads of copyrighted material. Tell them what they are doing is outrageous. stand up for writers!

Everybody Has a Dark Obsession. Do You Dare to Live Yours?

Everybody has a dark obsession. Kinky historical romances, Erotic BDSM collections, paranormal historical romances,  A kink friendly blog and weekly BDSM topics presented by a knowledgeable Mistress Jolynn Raymond’s Books Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions Your source for answers to your kink questions and kinky historical romance needs. As a woman who lives in a power exchange relationship 24/7 and has been in the BDSM lifestyle for over 10 years, it is my goal to educate others about BDSM. Many sites exist that foster stereotypical kinky scenes and relationships, but few provide real information and almost none touch on the importance of trust, communication and safety. No question is foolish. It’s best to be educated before trying a new kink. I have covered the topics of BDSM roles, BDSM terms, domestic discipline, safely finding a dominant, what punishment is all about in a power exchange relationship, kink activities and fetishes, as well as others. I invite both those […]

Hurray!! 2 comments

Congratulations and a huge thank you to Linda Terrutty who entered the Indie Author Giveaway over at Paranormal Romance and Authors Who Rock . As an independent author I really appreciate her support. It’s readers like her who take a chance on those of us who aren’t well known authors who make a difference. Thanks Linda for helping me follow my dream. Your signed copy of Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book One will be on the way as soon a I receive it from the publisher.

What is Sub Frenzy and Am I in Danger of Having it? 10 comments

What Is Sub Frenzy, and Am I In Danger of Having It? When I started this post, it was with the intent to identify, explain, and inform people about a thing called sub frenzy. I accomplished what I intended, but as I often do, I expanded on my original idea. I tend to ramble, and in this case this post transformed into something that can be used as a guideline not only to those in danger of being in the grips of sub frenzy, but for submissives who are seeking an ethical dominant who really has their best interest at heart. Many, if not every submissive has experienced sub frenzy even if they don’t know what it’s called. Basically, sub-frenzy is the overwhelming need to experience submission. As a submissive, you will do anything to become someone’s submissive or feel that glorious feeling of being owned or under control, no […]

A New Giveaway! 1 comment

Check out this new giveaway sponsored by Paranormal Romance and Author’s That Rock. Detail can be found here I’m giving away a signed copy of Taken… Beneath The Shadows of Evil Book One. For more information about Taken and an excerpt from the book, click here, or click here for information on the trilogy.   Thank you Lesa for helping me promote my books!

Want To Get Away This Holiday Weekend?

Take a trip through time to the 1500’s of Hungary. Stay in an opulent castle. Meet a wicked Master Vampire and his twisted sister. Learn about Gypsy lore and experience the wonders of magic Dine in the castle’s great room but be careful not to become the main course Activities include an adventure into evil, danger, and romance Package includes a wild emotional ride into a story you can’t put down Thrills, seduction, betrayal, and a heart pounding passion included Click here to begin your get away with Taken… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book One Continue your journey here with Torn… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book Two Add on package of Treasured.. Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book Three available July 1st

Just Because

I don’t normally try to push people into doing something they weren’t inclined to do, but today my heart hurts. It hurts and there is that sick feeling that I felt when Hurricane Katrina spent her wrath on New Orleans. Here I sit, comfortable in my home, on my couch, enjoying running water, air conditioning, a roof over my head, dinner on the stove, my loved ones and pets safe. It’s all good on this end. The crap that aggravated me today at work seems incredibly trivial. I have a house. I still have the pictures I hold dear, I still have clothes, I still have boxes full of mementos, I still have the pictures of me and my best friend when we were five and the plaster hand print I made that same year. The people on the television have none of that. Zip nada none, less than none […]

What Are You Waiting For?

The second book in the Beneath The Shadows of Evil receives 5 star reviews! 5.0 out of 5 stars Beneath the Shadows of Evil ~ Torn, April 29, 2013 By Jane Jones (NC) – See all my reviews This review is from: Beneath The Shadows of Evil… Torn: A Paranormal Romance (Kindle Edition) The first book of the series left me wanting to read the second one as soon as possible and now that I have read the second one, I can hardly wait for the third one in the Beneath the Shadows of Evil series. Torn is even better than Taken as a second gypsy enters the story. Expecting a child that is developing too quickly makes Alliana uneasy and emotional in addition to being sure she will never trust Mikhal. The story takes many twists and turns as the evil layers of the castle’s characters work to gain power and our […]