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Everybody Has a Dark Obsession. Do You Dare to Live Yours?

Everybody has a dark obsession. Kinky historical romances, Erotic BDSM collections, paranormal historical romances,  A kink friendly blog and weekly BDSM topics presented by a knowledgeable Mistress Jolynn Raymond’s Books Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions Your source for answers to your kink questions and kinky historical romance needs. As a woman who lives in a power exchange relationship 24/7 and has been in the BDSM lifestyle for over 10 years, it is my goal to educate others about BDSM. Many sites exist that foster stereotypical kinky scenes and relationships, but few provide real information and almost none touch on the importance of trust, communication and safety. No question is foolish. It’s best to be educated before trying a new kink. I have covered the topics of BDSM roles, BDSM terms, domestic discipline, safely finding a dominant, what punishment is all about in a power exchange relationship, kink activities and fetishes, as well as others. I invite both those […]